Notre Dame Achieves Campus-Wide Collaboration with Rapid Google Workspace Migration

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The Company:

The University of Notre Dame is a renowned institution of higher education with a commitment to providing students, faculty, and staff with the latest tools for collaboration and productivity.


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The Challenge: 

  • Legacy Email Restrictions: Notre Dame’s existing email platform lacked the mobile-friendliness and accessibility needed to support their dynamic university community.
  • Desire for Collaboration: The university sought to improve collaboration between faculty, staff, and students, requiring a unified platform with enhanced sharing and co-authoring capabilities.
  • Massive Data Volume: Migrating over 15,000 accounts and 10TB of data presented a significant logistical challenge.

With Onix’s support, we successfully moved that data from our campus email system to Google Workspace in less than four months. The Onix team’s expertise with the tool and the migration process was instrumental in this success.

University of Notre Dame

The Solution

Onix partnered with Notre Dame to execute a seamless migration to Google Workspace. Key components included:

  • Migration Expertise:Onix’s in-depth knowledge of Google Workspace and proven migration strategies streamlined the transition, ensuring data integrity and minimizing disruption.
  • Comprehensive Change Management: Onix worked closely with Notre Dame to develop a robust change management plan, anticipating user needs and providing extensive support.
  • Training and Resources: Onix developed instructor-led training sessions and online tutorials, ensuring faculty and staff were well-prepared to use the new platform effectively.
  • Marketing and Awareness: A strategic marketing campaign engaged the entire campus community, fostering a smooth and enthusiastic transition.


  • Rapid Timeline: The migration was completed in less than four months, demonstrating Onix’s efficiency and collaborative approach.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Google Workspace’s real-time collaboration features unlocked new ways for faculty, staff, and students to work together effectively.
  • Modern, User-Friendly Platform: Notre Dame adopted a mobile-accessible productivity suite, empowering their community with anytime, anywhere access to its core tools.
  • Improved Platform Scalability: Google Workspace provides the flexibility and scalability to accommodate the university’s future growth and evolving needs.


Onix’s expertise in Google Workspace and collaborative approach paved the way for a successful transition for Notre Dame. The university now enjoys a modern and collaborative platform that fosters greater innovation and student-faculty engagement across their campus.

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