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Datametica Birds Product Suite

Data Takes Flight with Datametica's Birds

Accelerate and automate data migration to the cloud using our unique automated migration tools from  Datametica,  a global leader in data warehouse migration and modernization, recently acquired by Onix. Our tools empower you to streamline the migration process with greater accuracy, reduced risk, at a lower cost, and twice as fast. 

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Product Suite: Datametica Birds


The Planner

Eagle performs detailed data warehouse assessments of legacy systems like Teradata, Netezza, Oracle, and others to discover unknown complexities and data lineage during the cloud migration process. The result is a cloud migration plan with an accurate budget and timelines along with priority and sequence of data migration that reduces the risks associated with the cloud migration process.


The Transformer

Raven automatically converts the code workloads of an on-premise system (Teradata, Netezza, Oracle, etc.) to cloud-native technologies (Google BigQuery, Azure Synapse, Snowflake, AWS Redshift) during the cloud migration process. It rapidly transforms complex codes within minutes and optimizes them to save execution time and cost.


The Validator

Pelican is an AI-powered enterprise-scale product to compare, validate and reconcile datasets across two heterogeneous data stores at a petabyte-scale with zero coding and zero data movement. Pelican ensures data quality and reliability between source and target platform by cell level validation.


Customer Benefits

Accelerate data migration to the cloud without manual intervention

Reduce the time and cost of the data migration process by up to 50%

Remove anxiety and business risk from the data warehouse migration process

Move your data seamlessly to the cloud

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