Datametica Birds Take Flight

Accelerate and Automate Data Migration to the Cloud

Our Birds empower you to streamline the migration process with greater accuracy, reduced risk, at a lower cost, and twice as fast.


The Validator

Pelicans are known to be stable in flight and highly efficient in search of food. Our data validation tool is named after  the Pelican because the tool has near-zero errors and moves data seamlessly  between systems.


The Transformer

Ravens are known for their ability to innovate and come up with new solutions to the challenges that they encounter. Our code transformation tool is named for the Raven because  of its ability to transform complex code in minutes leveraging an automated approach.


The Planner

Eagles are known to be sharp observers, with the ability to identify targets high in the sky with a  precise plan of attack. Our migration planning tool is named for the Eagle because of its ability to identify data patterns and provide accurate budgets and timelines.

Key benefits

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Faster Migration
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Lower Cost
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Data Validation
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Code Conversion


Business Risk

End-to end migration cycle



(Assess and Plan)

Migration Strategy



(Code conversion Service)

Fully Converted Code



100% Reconciled Data



Cost and Performance

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