Multinational Advertising Agency Accelerates AI Innovation With GenAI and MLOps

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The Company:

A multinational advertising and marketing services conglomerate that manages a vast network of individual agencies, each specializing in different aspects of marketing and communication.They are at the forefront of data-driven creativity, continuously seeking new technological solutions to enhance their services and stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

The Challenge: 

  • Balancing agility with governance:The agency recognized the transformative potential of AI but faced challenges in balancing the need for rapid experimentation with robust security and responsible AI practices.
  • Accelerating new AI initiatives:The agency’s AI teams required streamlined processes for setting up new environments and deploying models while ensuring adherence to security and reliability standards.
  • Harnessing the power of data:The agency sought to leverage their vast data assets more effectively by integrating advanced AI capabilities into their workflows.

The Solution

Onix collaborated with the agency to deep dive into the existing Google Cloud Foundation via a Rapid Risk Assessment. Key elements included:

  • AI Foundation:Onix deployed Vertex AI as the cornerstone of the agency’s AI infrastructure, enabling powerful model development, training, and management capabilities.
  • MLOps optimization:Onix streamlined AI workflows by implementing Vertex AI pipelines, automating model building, testing, and deployment processes for greater speed and efficiency.
  • Custom enhancements with Cloud Composer:Onix leveraged Cloud Composer to orchestrate complex data pipelines and integrate with external systems.
  • AI governance and guardrails: Onix provided consulting on security, reliability, and explainability best practices, guiding the implementation of responsible and ethical AI within their pipelines.
  • Automation with Terraform:Onix developed Terraform scripts to enable repeatable infrastructure deployments, rapidly deploying projects to data teams across the company.


  • Prototype success:Onix’s initial work for the agency involved building a GenAI prototype for one of their subsidiaries. The solution reduced data processing turnaround times significantly, allowing the company to deliver faster results to clients.
  • Empowering innovation:The GenAI platform enables the agency’s AI teams to experiment more rapidly, innovate with confidence, and bring new data-driven solutions to market faster.
  • Responsible AI Foundation:The implemented guardrails promote ethical AI practices and foster greater trust in the use of AI for decision-making.
  • Accelerated time-to-value:The agency benefits from faster, more efficient workflows, accelerating the development and delivery of innovative marketing and advertising solutions.


Onix’s expertise in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and AI solutions proved instrumental in empowering the agency’s journey towards data-driven innovation. The AI Foundation combined with streamlined development processes and a commitment to responsible AI, positions the agency  at the cutting edge of innovation within the industry.

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