Onix Empowers Real-Time Analytics for Multinational Telecommunications Provider with Teradata to BigQuery Migration

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The Company:

A leading telecommunications provider, renowned for its extensive network infrastructure and diverse communication solutions. The company offers wireless and broadband services to a massive consumer and business clientele across the United States and holds a notable international footprint. It also has a rich heritage of technological advancement, having played a pivotal role in shaping the evolution of communication technologies.

The Challenge: 

  • Legacy Data Warehouse Limitations:Their reliance on manual data validation processes across distributed systems was time-consuming, prone to errors, and created data movement inefficiencies.Their Oracle data warehouse was becoming costly to maintain, exhibiting performance bottlenecks, and hindering their ability to scale analytics.The telecommunication provider’s on-premises Teradata data warehouse could not support the growing need for real-time data access and analytics to drive timely business decisions.
  • Modernization Imperative:The company sought a cloud-based solution to enable real-time insights, scale with data growth, and support advanced AI/ML capabilities for future innovation.

The Solution

Onix, in collaboration with PwC, conducted a comprehensive assessment and developed a migration strategy for the telecommunication provider’s Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), leveraging Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and the Datametica Birds Suite:

  • Strategic assessment and program management:PwC developed a compelling business case for cloud migration, outlining the benefits of scalability, real-time data, and potential future AI applications. PwC was also responsible for end-to-end program governance, data governance, platform architecture & build, and downstream remediation.
  • Data migration and modernization:Onix modernized the customer’s EDW platform, which involves the migration of historical data, existing data pipelines, and configuration of products & services in. The core migration (data and code) leveraged the Datametica Bird, Eagle, Raven, and Pelican. These IP and AI-powered tools streamlined the migration of 4PB of data and 250K data objects, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

Project Goals

  • Real-time data access:BigQuery provides business users with near real-time data for agile decision-making.
  • Cloud scalability:GCP offers a highly scalable infrastructure, easily accommodating the company’s expanding data needs.
  • Future AI/ML potential:The modernized platform lays the foundation for integrating advanced AI and machine learning capabilities.
  • Significant Cost Reduction:Onix’s expertise reduced migration costs significantly compared to anticipated expenses. Onix’s proven track record in similar telecommunication industry projects promised significant cost savings – up to 75% compared to projected costs.


  • Empowering thousands of users:The initiative made critical data available in real time to over 40 teams across the organization.
  • Improved business outcomes: Real-time insights facilitate faster, data-driven decisions, boosting overall business performance.
  • Enhanced efficiency and cost savings:Cloud-based infrastructure and Onix’s streamlined migration significantly reduced operational costs.

In Conclusion

This Teradata-to-BigQuery migration exemplifies Onix’s proficiency in enabling seamless data modernization journeys. Our focus on cost-efficiency and real-time analytics positions us as a valuable partner for businesses seeking to unlock the full potential of their data in the cloud.

The Datametica Birds were also vital to the success of this client project – designed to work together, offering a comprehensive suite for various data migration stages. These tools set Onix apart from competitors who might rely on generic cloud migration services or develop one-off solutions for each project.

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