Pelican: The Validator

AI-Enabled Data Validation & Reconciliation

Pelicans are known to be stable in flight and highly efficient in search of food. Our data validation tool is named after  the Pelican because the tool has near-zero errors and moves data seamlessly  between systems. 

As the final step in the data migration process, data validation is important for ensuring the quality of the migrated data between the source and the target environments. As part of the Datametica Bird suite, Pelican is a data validation tool that can automate data testing during the migration process. Powered by AI technology, Pelican can compare and reconcile heterogeneous datasets at petabyte-scale levels. This is achievable without any coding or data movement. This data migration tool ensures 100% accuracy – with data comparisons at row and granular cell levels.

How Pelican can help you

As a cloud data migration tool, Pelican provides extensive validation by comparing granular data (including database tables, rows, and columns) with the source data warehouse.
Extensive validation
Achieve automation in data validation along with near-zero errors – thus posing no challenges to business operations post data migration and modernization.
100% automation
Leverage 100% efficiency without the need to write any validation code, move data between source and target systems, or copy data to the cloud platform.

Features of Pelican


  • Enterprise Tier
  • Standard Tier
  • Try & Buy Tier
Particulars Enterprise TierStandard TierTry & Buy Tier
License(per pair monthly*)Contact-usUSD 6,000USD 2000
(2 Weeks)
No of tablesUnlimitedUnlimited10
Validation ConcurrencyUnlimited1010
No of UsersUnlimited102
Annual License cost**Contact-usUSD 60,000N/A
Annual License cost**
Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now

SME services (Optional/recommended) : $5000/month

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