Public Sector

Enhance service
efficiency and value
for constituents
and employees

The public expects the same personalized experiences, always-on access, and instant results from government and education agencies that they get from the commercial world. But despite their best efforts, state, local and federal agencies are often unable to meet these expectations due to legacy systems and tools.


Onix solutions help education and government agencies streamline processes to improve experiences for their employees and the public with easier and faster access to vital information and services. We’ll help you leave on-premise infrastructure and legacy systems in the past and modernize with a cloud strategy and technologies that increase your innovation and operational effectiveness.


Empower your workforce with modern productivity tools and easy access to smart analytics. We’re ready to help you serve.


Reimagine the future with secure,
modernized solutions

Optimize productivity and collaboration

From real-time co-authoring and document reviews to our deployment and change-management expertise, we can help you unlock a new level of collaboration that meets the evolving needs of the public sector. Our cloud implementations are saving government groups time and money while fostering better internal security practices and supporting constituent engagement.

Improve infrastructure, reduce costs

Onix’s cloud customer service is helping government agencies and nonprofit organizations transform monolithic applications into modern containerized or serverless architectures, creating scalable, secure, and stable environments. Our strategic approach will also enable you to reduce technical debt while deploying features faster and increasing operational effectiveness.

Secure, scalable solutions

Onix works with industry-leading partners to provide end-to-end security and governance for any cloud modernization effort, meeting the most demanding security and compliance requirements. Using our tested strategies and implementation methodology, we help the public sector serve its constituents with the confidence that comes from knowing both their data and yours are secure.

Smart analytics

Our proven approach to migration and modernization enables intuitive analytics for critical decision support, helping to enhance situational awareness and improve your response to vulnerable populations. We help you access comprehensive and near-real-time data sets more quickly so that you can derive actionable insights, fast. You’ll also be able to better keep your data secure as well as detect, identify, and prevent cyber threats, helping you proactively to meet the needs of the public at every stage.
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