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This is a pivotal moment for healthcare and life sciences, where cloud technology solutions, AI/ML, and more can transform how all players in the ecosystem work together to deliver better patient care. 


At Onix, our HCLS cloud experts have a profound understanding of the challenges that exist in this industry – and a proven track record of helping  organizations overcome them. We have over 40 years of experience in the healthcare ecosystem and extensive partnerships to deliver world-class solutions. We’ll work with your team to identify new opportunities to support better workflows, take advantage of  insights from  your data, and enhance the patient experience.

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Designed to help organizations deliver better workflows, insights, and care.

Automate your processes to improve workflows

Accelerate development by moving workloads into secure, integrated cloud-based systems designed for operational efficiency. Whether on-prem, in multiple clouds, or unsure of where everything sits today, Onix is experienced in helping customers move from data silos to securely integrated data lakes and data warehouses.

One of the most basic ways to take advantage of AI is to automate and optimize tasks and processes. For example, AI can optimize production processes, reduce downtime, and improve quality control in manufacturing. It can also automate routine tasks such as data entry and processing, fraud detection, and risk assessment in financial services.

Leverage the power of your data to gain actionable insights

Partner with healthcare and life sciences experts who can assist your organization in understanding the data with industry-leading analytics. Looking at what you have and setting up the cloud specifically for the analytic workloads is available on-demand and managed through API integrations with other systems.

Scale faster
than ever before

Evolve from merely running and supporting IT systems to driving organization growth by adopting proven industry patterns to enhance operational efficiency, stay ahead of the competition, and shorten life cycle to innovation.

Mitigate risks with security, resilience, and compliance

It’s critical to protect sensitive, individually-identifiable health information and other types of personally identifiable
information (PII). Our HCLS cloud experts will help identify and implement the controls needed for various data privacy and compliance obligations.

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