Raven: The Transformer

Automated Workload Conversion & Translation

Ravens are known for their ability to innovate and come up with new solutions to the challenges that they encounter. Our code transformation tool is named for the Raven because  of its ability to transform complex code in minutes leveraging an automated approach. 

For modern data-driven business enterprises, data transformation is an essential part of migrating on-premises application data to the cloud. Efficient data transformation improves overall quality of data – thus supporting improved decision-making in any organization. As part of the Datametica Bird suite, Raven is a  data transformation tool that can convert complex code workloads from on-premises systems to operate as cloud-native applications. Raven can automatically convert and translate workloads from on-premises systems – including Teradata, Oracle, and Netezza – to cloud-native technologies – including Google BigQuery, Azure Synapse, Snowflake, and AWS Redshift.

How Raven can help you

As an efficient code transformation tool, Raven is capable of converting complex code and SQL script with both efficiency and intelligence.
Intelligent thinking
Ability to accurately identify source workloads and transform them to the target state – as well as consistent formatting in the generated output code and script.
Agile execution mode to quickly transform the source scripts thus reducing production time – along with rapid transformation of complex code within minutes.
Time savings

Features of Raven

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