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Enhance the user experience with intuitive applications

In today’s digital economy, consumers expect flexible options to interact with the companies that they choose to do business with. Businesses can improve these interactions with multimodal, cloud-based applications. Onix helps businesses improve the customer, partner, and employee experience by developing cutting-edge applications that leverage Google Cloud and help boost business efficiency.


Our team of expert developers are experienced in building and deploying  applications across all industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, retail and more. We follow a rigorous and systematic methodology to ensure that our solutions meet the highest quality standards for you and your end users. Onix is your trusted partner for creating next-generation, innovative applications to help your organization gain a competitive advantage.


Onix can help you

Develop scalable, reliable, highly available and secure applications using state of the art techniques and modern application stacks.
Build for the future
Automate tasks and processes to improve performance and operational efficiency.
Improve efficiency
Optimize your applications by choosing to modernize with serverless architecture, containerization or a complete re-architecture of the legacy application for the best cost and performance benefits on Google Cloud.
Reduce costs
Use AIOps and machine learning to collect and analyze data from your infrastructure, identify potential problems, and get actionable recommendations to better streamline your business workflows.
Improve IT operations
Increase speed to release, operational efficiency, quality, collaboration, and security during the application development lifecycle.
Develop and improve your CI/CD pipeline

Our methodology

Onix leverages the latest technology advances to build applications on Google Cloud that drive real business results. Our methodology involves close collaboration with our clients to identify unique requirements, goals, and challenges.  Based on these insights, we design and develop customized applications that prioritize the user experience, ensuring that our applications are easy to use and intuitive for your customer. Our team is dedicated to providing your organization exceptional customer service and support throughout the development cycle and beyond.

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Onix Application Development solutions

Rapid Infrastructure Assessment (RIA)

Our Rapid Infrastructure Assessment provides an in-depth analysis of selected existing infrastructure environments and identifies areas for optimization. We help organizations rapidly assess their environment and build a business case to move to the cloud including discovery, planning for a landing zone and for migration.  The desired outcome of the RIA is to help organizations plan their cloud journey and optimize their existing infrastructure for cloud.

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Comprehensive Infrastructure Assessment (CIA)

The Onix Comprehensive Infrastructure Assessment is a more in-depth version of our infrastructure analysis solution. This offering also performs a Rapid Risk Assessment for the environment and presents the findings to the customer. The offering includes creating a cloud landing zone and moving 1 MVP (minimum viable product) application to that landing zone.  The desired outcome of the CIA is to help organizations accelerate their cloud journey with a proof point MVP application moved to the cloud environment.

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Rapid App Migration (RAM)

Our Rapid App Migration builds on the CIA offering. In addition to the infrastructure environment analysis and creating a secure landing zone creation in GCP, we will move one Virtual Machine (VMs) to the landing zone.  The desired outcome of Rapid App Migration is to help organizations accelerate their cloud journey with their first VM running in the GCP cloud environment.

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Migrate at Scale (MAS)

Our Migrate at Scale offering follows the CIA offering. In this offering, we move 100s of virtual machines (VMs), containers, or databases to the cloud. With Migrate at Scale, we create a factory model of migration sprints to accelerate customers’ move to the cloud without disrupting business operations.

The desired outcome of Migrate as Scale is to help organizations mature their environments that can advance their move to the cloud.

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Jay Jambotkar Director, Infrastructure and App Modernization

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