Onix Empowers Leading Retailer with a Modern Data Platform for Omnichannel Excellence

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The Company:

One of the world’s largest fashion retailers, known for its exceptional customer service and curated product selection. Their well-established presence includes both a strong physical store network across the United States and robust online shopping platforms, which have a presence in more than 100 countries worldwide. The company remains committed to continuous innovation to exceed customer expectations.

The Challenge: 

  • Siloed data:The retailer’s diverse operations generated data across in-store and online channels. This data resided in disparate silos, making it difficult to gain comprehensive, real-time insights for better decision making.
  • Legacy infrastructure limitations:The company’s reliance on Teradata restricted the development of advanced predictive analytics and scaling to support the company’s growth ambitions.
  • Omnichannel imperative:The retailer sought a unified data solution to bridge the gap between physical and digital channels, enabling a seamless customer experience

The Solution

Onix partnered with the retailer to design and implement a future-proof data platform built on Google BigQuery. Key elements of the solution included:

  • Holistic data consolidation:Onix orchestrated the strategic unification of the retailer’s data sources, breaking down silos and enabling a 360-degree view of customers and operations.
  • Cloud-based scalability:The migration to BigQuery provides the flexibility and power to easily handle growing data volume and support future expansion.
  • Streamlined migration with IP and AI-powered tools:Onix’s proprietary tools, Eagle, Pelican, and Raven, ensured a smooth migration from Teradata, accelerating time-to-value while minimizing risk.
  • Enhanced analytics:Onix optimized data models for advanced analytics and machine learning, empowering the company to uncover deeper insights into customer behavior and predict market trends.


  • Real-time omnichannel insights:The retailer can now unlock and analyze data across all channels in near real-time, yielding profound in sights into customer behaviors, sales trends, and operational performance.
  • Accelerated AI/ML adoption:The BigQuery platform sets the stage for the retailer to unlock the full potential of AI and machine learning for operational optimization, demand forecasting, and personalization.
  • Foundation for future growth:The modernized data platform is poised to evolve alongside their business needs, ensuring they remain agile and competitive.
  • Continuous innovation:Onix provides ongoing support, training and consultation to ensure the team is fully equipped to leverage the full potential of BigQuery, while future-proofing the company’s data ecosystem and driving long-term value.


Onix’s expertise in cloud migration, data analytics, and retail industry knowledge proved invaluable in helping the customer achieve their data modernization goals. This transformation sets the company up for a future of data-driven omnichannel excellence, empowering them to continue providing exceptional customer experiences.

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