Eagle: The Planner

Discovery, Assessment, Planning & Optimization

Eagles are known to be sharp observers, with the ability to identify targets high in the sky with a  precise plan of attack. Our migration planning tool is named for the Eagle because of its ability to identify data patterns and provide accurate budgets and timelines.  

A detailed plan is the first step for the success of any data migration project. An efficient migration strategy includes analyzing workload patterns and their underlying dependencies. As part of the Datametica Bird suite, Eagle is a data migration planning tool that  performs a complete assessment of legacy-based data warehouses – and designs their data migration strategy to the cloud. Legacy systems include Teradata, Netezza, and Oracle – while target cloud platforms include Google BigQuery.

How Eagle can help you

Through real-time observation and monitoring, Eagle can assess and discover the existing data warehouses and workload patterns.
Detailed data warehouse
The Eagle planning tool can strategize data migration steps in detail – and define the scope of the data migration project aligned to the company’s business objective.
Precise migration
The Eagle tool is precise in finding the correct data volume and usage estimations – along with precise estimation of the data migration timeline and budget.
Timeline and budget

Features of Eagle

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