Major Health Insurance Provider Taps Onix to Create a Transformational Member Experience Platform

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The Company:

A major health insurance provider with a strong focus on innovation and a commitment to enhancing the overall patient experience. The company serves a sizable member base across the United States, providing a wide range of health insurance solutions. They are driven by a desire to revolutionize healthcare through personalized experiences and improved care coordination. With that said, this health insurance provider deeply understands the transformative power of data analytics for enhancing decision-making and accelerating innovation within the industry.

The Challenges: 

  • Legacy systems:The health insurance provider’s existing infrastructure limited their ability to provide the level of personalized and real-time service they envisioned.
  • Data-driven innovation:To deliver on their goals, the company sought to leverage analytics for faster, more informed decision-making.
  • Operational efficiency:Streamlining data processes and platform management was crucial for optimizing the overall care experience.

The Solution

Onix embarked on a comprehensive collaboration with the health insurance provider to transform their member experience platform, which included:

  • Next-gen platform development:Onix designed and built a scalable member experience platform tailored to health insurance provider’s future growth and evolving needs.
  • Strategic consulting:Onix provided guidance and expertise on data policies, governance, and best practices across various business areas.
  • Legacy to cloud migration:Leveraging their proprietary Datametica Birds, Onix seamlessly migrated the health insurance provider’s Teradata and Hadoop environments to BigQuery, retiring Teradata completely.
  • Managed Services:Onix provides ongoing 24/7 support for priority areas like platform services and data warehousing, enhancing operational efficiency.


  • Enhanced member experience: Real-time analytics and personalized services significantly improved interactions for members.
  • Data-driven innovation: The company can now confidently pursue AI initiatives, document automation, data commercialization, and integration strategies.
  • Operational maturity: Data governance, large-scale data sharing, and standardized operations bolster efficiency.
  • Optimization: Onix’s expertise helped streamline data processes and predict operational costs (FinOps), improving “right size” scaling and timing.
  • Robust security posture: A “Zero Trust” framework, defensive A to address risk, and improved data-centric protection helped strengthen the company’s security.
  • Migration stats:
    • Hadoop: The Datametica Birds enabled the migration of 23 applications from Hadoop, leading to the decommissioning of the legacy cluster.
    • Teradata: Onix skillfully migrated 1,700 interfaces, 10,000 tables, 21,000 views, and 12,000 jobs from Teradata to the new platform, including BI code conversion.


Onix’s partnership with the health insurance provider showcases our expertise in building innovative healthcare solutions. The new member experience platform empowers the provider to deliver a truly personalized and integrated healthcare journey for its members while streamlining operations and optimizing resources. This collaboration also underscores Onix’s position as a trusted technology partner, ready to drive digital transformations in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

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