Optimize your manufacturing operations and
value chain

The manufacturing industry, like others, faces the modern challenge of adopting digital transformation to thrive in a post-pandemic world. Cloud capabilities like AI, ML, and automation boost floor efficiency and quality, accelerate innovation, and improve remote team collaboration in a fast-changing business landscape.

Empower your organization to work faster and smarter with Onix cloud-native solutions that increase your agility, reduce costs and improve business outcomes.
Optimize operations and power intelligent, data-driven decisions with modernized cloud solutions. We’re here to help.

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Increase operational efficiency with
manufacturing solutions

Connecting the manufacturing enterprise

  • Empower your workforce with the world's best collaboration tools
  • Deploy with the help of our experts for faster adoption
  • Accelerate user productivity and innovation
  • Improve collaboration from corporate teams to the assembly line
Empower your workforce

Optimize operations and product development

  • Convert monolithic applications to modern architectures
  • Build a scalable, secure, and stable environment
  • Reduce technical debt and deploy features faster
  • Innovate and scale with modern infrastructure
Meet the best in manufacturing modernization

Gain best-in-class security

  • End-to-end security and governance for any cloud modernization effort
  • Secure against threats and meet compliance requirements
  • Tested strategies and implementation methodology
  • Cloud security tailored to your organization's needs
Secure your digital assets

Advanced analytics and insights

  • Onix's data modernization approach enables intuitive analytics for data-driven decisions
  • Data kept secure and manageable to proactively meet business goals
  • Quick access to well-curated, comprehensive, and near-real-time data sets
  • Increased ability to derive predictive and intelligent data insights.
Power intelligent, data-driven manufacturing

Enhance the customer experience

  • Privacy-centric future of customer engagement with a Customer Data Platform built on Google Cloud 
  • Drive predictive marketing, digital commerce, and innovation in financial industries
  • Advanced personalization and marketing analytics
  • Custom digital commerce experiences

AI-powered contact center

  • Delight your customers with human-like AI-powered contact center experiences, lower costs, and free up human agents' time. 
  • Enable natural interactions with virtual agents
  • Empower your teams with actionable insights
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