Retail & CPG

Elevate your
customer experience

Today’s consumers  expect experiences that are timely, targeted and tailored to their specific needs – and reject those that aren’t. You can enhance the  online shopping experience for your customers with Onix cloud-based solutions that help you personalize shopping based on data  insights and ensure customer data is kept secure.


 By integrating data from multiple sources, including website analytics, CRM systems, and social media, our platform enables businesses to gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences.  Leveraging these insights to enhance the customer experience can result in driving revenue growth and improving operational efficiency. 

Onix can help retail and CPG
brands deliver:

Migrating workloads to the cloud
is both necessary and valuable

Reimagine the storefront, create new experiences

Leverage advanced cloud capabilities such as big data, AI/ML, API platforms, and developer tools, to drive maximum value for customers.
  • Shelf execution
  • Frontline worker tools
  • Assisted order picking
  • Enhanced visual training
  • Personalized journey
  • Digital commerce migration & modernization
  • Recommendations based on AI
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Unlock data-powered insights

Go beyond data storage and leverage meaningful information to enable brand management, innovation, realtime business intelligence, analytics, marketing and personalization at scale.
  • Customer analytics platforms
  • Data warehouse modernization
  • Retail analytics
  • Demand forecasting
  • Email personalization

Capture digital & omnichannel revenue growth

Modernize your legacy systems to meet customer needs and provide seamless, frictionless and enjoyable omni experiences.
  • Product discovery (Recommendations AI, Vision Search, Retail Search)
  • Digital commerce modernization
  • Business messages for retail
  • Peak season premium support

Drive Sustainable & Efficient Operations

Develop a transparent supply chain, optimize inventory and logistics, and adhere to new safety mandates while maintaining healthy margins.
  • SAP Solutions
  • AI Forecasting
  • Intelligent Manufacturing Tools
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Frontline Worker Tools
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