How Data Solves Real-Life Healthcare Problems

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Data is at the core of everything — and healthcare is no exception. In fact, it’s even more important due to the enormous amount and non-structured (notes) data. 

Research has found that: “A single patient typically generates up to 80 megabytes yearly in imaging and [electronic medical record] data.” In addition, medical knowledge is growing exponentially, reportedly doubling every 73 days

Let’s explore the current issues within healthcare data management and how the cloud can provide a smoother experience for healthcare providers. 

The Current Issues with Healthcare Data

There are a number of issues that prevent healthcare data from being utilized to its full potential, including: 

  • Healthcare data is often siloed. Since many systems utilized within healthcare can’t talk to one another, connections may be missed, which can lead to potentially delayed diagnoses for patients. In addition, some data may be stored in formats that are entirely incompatible with other systems. 
  • Healthcare data is fragmented. Data can be collected from a variety of unconnected sources, including paper, digital, images, and remote monitoring devices.  
  • Security breaches frequently occur. Research has found that “1.76 data breaches of 500 or more healthcare records were reported each day in 2020,” which makes protecting healthcare data more difficult — and crucial — than ever before. 

While there are a number of challenging issues regarding data within the healthcare industry, there are viable solutions offered through a digital transformation. 

How the Cloud Can Help

Onix enables organizations like yours to leverage the cloud’s superior security, reliability, and interoperability in HIPAA-compliant environments.

By innovating data solutions, the healthcare industry can improve in a number of ways, including: 

  • Enable intuitive analytics for population and public health. 
  • Improve interoperability through data modernization.
  • Provide the ultimate in securely protected data storage. 
  • Securely enhance collaboration and productivity. 
  • Support development of precision medicine solutions. 

By providing more accessibility, flexibility, and analytics to healthcare data, we enable providers to make the best real-time decisions for their patients. 

In addition, you can utilize a Cloud Managed Services Provider (MSP) like Onix to oversee and maintain your organization’s cloud IT infrastructure, providing you with more support, increased efficiency, reduced and predictable costs, and more. 

For example, you can explore how MEDITECH and Onix worked together to break down barriers and create connectivity within their organization. 

Meet the Onix-CapsicoHealth Platform

The Onix-CapsicoHealth platform is the first end-to-end population health solution that runs on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). By utilizing this suite of solutions, it’s possible to seamlessly extract insights from the data and use them for real-time patient care. 

By bringing this data together, we can improve operational efficiency, give healthcare providers more time to care for patients as they focus less on finding information, and otherwise improve the industry. 

The Onix-CapsicoHealth platform is an AI-powered platform that features: 

  • 99% accuracy in data quality.
  • 15% reduction in operational costs. 
  • 80% accuracy in identification, including hospitalization, emergency visits, and infections. 

In addition, reporting features can provide immediate intelligent views to healthcare providers, allowing them to gain a holistic view of their patient and make decisions with accurate, up-to-date information. 

Ready To Get Started?

Whether you have existing, but limited tools or you’re struggling to manage and organize the volume of disparate data you currently have, we’re here to help. We believe that by working together and utilizing the data you already have, we can create a more effective healthcare system. 

Our team’s work with the Intensive Care Unit at Montreal LaSalle General Hospital was highlighted when we received the 2020 Google Cloud Social Impact Partner of the Year for Healthcare award for achievement in the Google Cloud ecosystem — so you’re in good hands with Onix. 

We can help you organize the underlying data infrastructure and connect you with the resources you need to visualize your solutions, improve your productivity, and more effectively care for your patients.

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