The Next Revolution in Data Validation, Powered by AI

The Next Revolution in Data Validation, Powered by AI

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As more data is generated daily, organizations are valuing the importance of data quality. This is driving organizations to invest more time and money into data validation. Effectively, the data validation process ensures that the collected data is identical to the data from the source.

Be it for any purpose, data-driven organizations cannot rely on “traditional” manual processes to validate their data. Manual validation is expensive, time-consuming, and prone to human errors.

This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is creating the next wave of innovation in data validation. Here’s how AI-powered data validation is making an impact in data-driven enterprises.

How AI technology is powering data validation

Without high-quality and reliable data, organizations cannot extract valuable insights, make right decisions, and achieve their business goals. As data volumes keep increasing exponentially, organizations cannot ensure data quality, accuracy, and relevance solely through human intervention.

This is where AI technology comes into play. Here are some of the main benefits of AI-powered data validation:

  1. Efficiency
    With AI technology, data validation tools can quickly scan through massive data volumes to detect any data errors or inconsistencies. This saves more time and effort compared to manual validation.
  2. Data accuracy
    Using AI algorithms, data validation tools can identify real-time data patterns and anomalies. This leads to more accurate results.
  3. Objective validation
    With manual validation, human personnel can bring their bias or subjective reasoning, thus resulting in error-prone results. AI technology performs objective validation based on the existing rules and algorithms.
  4. Cost-efficiency
    In the long run, AI-powered validation tools can reduce costs associated with manual validation, including labor and training costs. 
  5. Real-time validation
    AI-powered data validation tools can check and validate real-time data instead of outdated or historical data. With real-time validation, organizations can immediately detect and correct defects or issues.

Validating data using Onix’s AI-powered Pelican tool

Onix’s AI-powered data validation tool, Pelican is designed to automate and simplify the entire data validation process. Here are some of Pelican’s AI-powered capabilities:

  • Completing the validation process in a single data scan
    With the Pelican tool, organizations can identify inaccurate data at every cell level and with a single iteration.
  • Incremental data validation
    The Pelican tool can manage recurring business data incrementally by appending the latest changes to historical data, thus improving validation speed and efficiency.
  • Data mismatch reports
    The Pelican tool provides complete 360-degree visibility with detailed reports of data mismatches and discrepancies. This report is necessary to troubleshoot data issues.

As an industry leader in data modernization and cloud migration, Onix can help you in deploying the Pelican data validation tool for cloud migration. Reach out to us to know more about the features of Pelican . You can also register for our on-demand webinar on how to use the Pelican tool.

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