Why a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) is the right tool for managing your Cloud infrastructure

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Cloud-powered solutions are driving the current phase of business transformation across enterprises. Companies adopting the cloud realize its immense benefits – high scalability, low cost, and operational efficiency. At the same time, most organizations fail to make the most of the cloud platform due to growing complexities in their cloud infrastructure.

Lack of proper data governance and security remains among the leading concerns for companies considering a shift to the cloud. An IBM research study found that less than 40% of organizations implementing the cloud have an articulated business and financial case. Similarly, 82% of companies need help managing their cloud spending in 2024.

As cloud operations grow wider and more complex, organizations need an efficient cloud management platform (CMP) to simplify and manage their operations. Here’s a look at why cloud management platforms are the right choice to manage your cloud infrastructure.

How is a CMP beneficial for organizations?

Here are some of the business benefits of a CMP for organizations running cloud operations:

  1. Operational visibility
    Among the challenges of a complex cloud environment, IT teams often need more real-time visibility from a unified platform. Cloud management platforms overcome this problem through centralized cloud management. Additionally, companies can visualize unused (or under-utilized) cloud resources and provision the cloud resources needed.
  2. Reduced infrastructure complexity
    With the mix of on-premise, private, public, and hybrid cloud environments, IT infrastructures are complex and difficult to control. CMPs can reduce this complexity by integrating both cloud and on-premise infrastructure. Further, a CMP can streamline infrastructure performance through automatic scaling and minimizing service disruptions.
  3. Improved security
    Every enterprise wants to safeguard its cloud infrastructure from cyberattacks and external threats. A cloud management service platform can continuously scan for potential vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, which can be exploited by “bad actors”. 

A CMP enables the following security-related best practices:

  • Risk assessment
  • Protection from a variety of threats
  • Remediation
  1. Cost savings
    Without monitoring cloud usage, organizations often end up exceeding their cloud spending. For instance, unused or under-utilized cloud resources can impact the company’s cloud budget. With a CMP, these organizations can monitor their cloud resources and streamline their consumption, thus enabling cost savings. Additionally, CMPs provide on-time reporting for organizations to meet budgetary constraints and minimize cost overruns through cloud management.
  1. Improved compliance
    Cloud infrastructures must be secure to be compliant with industry regulations. A CMP can support cloud-related compliance by monitoring and managing your infrastructure assets. With a CMP, companies know exactly who (user) is doing what (task) in the cloud infrastructure. This helps in improving governance and ensures compliance across cloud frameworks.
  1. Accelerated cloud migration
    Organizations have challenges migrating their data and workloads from on-premise to the cloud environment. A cloud management platform can help by planning, deploying, and monitoring cloud migration. Effectively, it reduces the company’s dependence on cloud migration specialists to plan and implement the migration process.

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