News: Onix Wins the 2020 Google Cloud Social Impact Partner of the Year Award for Healthcare

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[Lakewood, Ohio July 20, 2021] Onix has received the 2020 Google Cloud Social Impact Partner of the Year for Healthcare award for achievement in the Google Cloud ecosystem by creating compassionate connections between patients, families and providers when in-person collaboration isn’t possible.

“We are grateful to receive this distinguished award. The entire Onix team takes great pride in serving our communities, and our decades of work in healthcare enabled us to support medical providers, patients and their families during an extraordinarily difficult time,” said Onix President and CEO Tim Needles. “This award is particularly meaningful to our Onix team members, who are gracious with their time and give of themselves to work through Onix Outreach and other non-profits touching the lives of individuals and families in need. We’re humbled to be recognized for efforts that are both deeply personal and purposeful for all of us.”

The Onix team’s work with the Intensive Care Unit at Montreal LaSalle General Hospital was highlighted in the application process. The healthcare institution provides in-patient and ambulatory care and serves a diverse community of patients in Quebec’s most populous city.

When the pandemic curtailed in-person interactions, it isolated patients and fragmented the communication process. This created potential delays in care and complicated end-of-life and other time-sensitive decisions.

LaSalle needed a way to maintain face-to-face collaboration with patients’ families to discuss prognoses, health status updates and treatment plans. Medical Director and ICU Site Chief Dr. Michael Kanevsky contacted Onix’s Professional Services Team to develop virtual tools that would close the communication gaps.

Onix worked with the hospital, identifying key multi-direction information flows and adapting the clinical process to enable “TeleEmpathy” through digital communications. The Onix team used Google Cloud’s tools to create seamless new pathways for face-to-face collaboration in a safe, virtual environment.

As providers and their patients have become more comfortable with the level of collaboration available through TeleEmpathy, the Lasalle ICU team anticipates continued demand for virtual tools to connect patients, families, physicians and other members of the care team.

“We’re proud to recognize Onix as Social Impact Partner of the Year for Healthcare,” said Carolee Gearhart, Global Channel Chief. “Over the last year, Onix has demonstrated its commitment to driving better outcomes in Healthcare with innovative technology and solutions, creating positive and long-lasting outcomes for customers and for their communities.”

Though this award reflects Onix’s work in the healthcare sector, we also provide comprehensive cloud services to help customers in other industries solve their most important challenges.

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