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Data Migration
to Databricks

Enterprises are modernizing their data platforms to extract benefits like real-time analytics and improved decision-making. Legacy data warehouses including Teradata, Oracle, Netezza, SQL-Server fall short when it comes to business requirements like seamless scalability and high availability. As a unified cloud platform, Databricks enables organizations to run their applications and workloads with efficiency and scalability. 

Teaming up with Databricks, Onix guarantees seamless data migration from your existing data warehouses with zero downtime. Save both time and money with our suite of automated data migration tools, the Datametica Birds. Rely on our expertise to swiftly modernize your business on the dependable Databricks cloud platform.


Benefits of Data Migration to Databricks

How Onix can help you

Migration from traditional data warehouses to Databricks

At Onix, our team of Databricks experts can help you migrate from traditional data warehouses like Netezza, Teradata, Oracle, and MS SQL Server to Databricks.

  • Assessing existing on-premises data warehouses – including SQL logs and metadata – using our Eagle planner tool.
  • Planning your cloud migration strategy with our Eagle tool with the right timeline and budget.
  • Automating and optimizing your workload code conversion (including ETL and SQL) for the Databricks platform using our Raven transformation tool.
  • Automating the data validation process to avoid any data mismatch between source and target systems with the Pelican tool.

Migration from other cloud platforms to Databricks

Onix has consistently been the chosen partner to streamline end-to-end  migration from  cloud platforms like Hadoop and Snowflake to Databricks  with our Datametica Birds suite. Here’s how we do it:

  • Hadoop on-premise data warehouse assessment is done by Eagle using SQL logs and metadata extracted from Hadoop. This helps in analyzing access patterns, all system activities, and artifacts that are needed to plan the cloud migration strategy.
  • Raven is used to automate and optimize workload (ETL/SQL/scripts) conversion to Databricks. 
  • After the code conversion is done, Pelican automates the data validation process between Hadoop and Databricks datasets to ensure confidence before the Hadoop system is decommissioned.
  • Onix provides customer training and support on the Databricks platform.

How we do it

To enable Databricks migration, Onix has the following set of data migration tools:



The Planner

This is Onix’s tool that can perform a detailed assessment of the existing data warehouse and infrastructure. Eagle can help you create a comprehensive data migration strategy with complete information about existing workloads, applications, and accurate estimation of the migration time and costs.


The Transformer

This is Onix’s data transformation tool that automates the process of conversion from various types of data– including SQL and ETL – to cloud-native technologies. Raven can also maintain the data lineage during the end-to-end code conversion process.



The Validator

This is Onix’s data validation tool that can automate data validation and reconciliation between the source warehouse and target platform. Pelican also ensures 100% storage savings by not moving data between the two data stores.

End-to end migration cycle




(Assess and Plan)

Migration Strategy




(Code conversion Service)

Fully Converted Code




100% Reconciled Data




Cost and Performance

Leveraging Databricks Unity
Catalog  for Data Governance

Partnering with Databricks, we ensure that  workspaces are Unity Catalog enabled, aid in catalog creation, and metastore creation to enable utilization of Unity Catalog tables. Furthermore, we provide assistance in granting privileges and enabling Unity Catalog features such as lineage and RBAC, among others,


We acknowledge that integrating existing Data Exchanges with new governance mechanisms can be challenging. Our objective is to facilitate this integration, empower users to leverage Unity Catalog, and take advantage of unlocking the full potential of Databricks.


Utilizing Raven, we streamline clients’ adoption of the three-level namespace through an automated and user-friendly process. Our team excels in granting privileges, managing permissions, and embracing the concepts associated with UC as a product grade governance system.