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Assess the security of your cloud and accelerate your journey

Security can be overlooked or viewed as a secondary priority in an organization’s cloud journey. It’s expensive, complicated and messy. Implemented correctly, however, security can become a differentiator for the organization. 

A strong security program and controls are key components for protecting customer information, supporting business growth, maintaining operational stability and ensuring that compliance requirements are met. The Onix Cloud Risk Assessment is the first step toward understanding the organization’s point-in-time security state in order to determine the best path forward.

The Cloud Risk Assessment is a deep dive into cloud risks and controls. This is a traditional project with resources assigned to analyze the environment. The timeline for the Cloud Risk Assessment (from inventorying the cloud environment to project completion) is a minimum of 3 weeks. For a lighter assessment scan, see our Cloud Rapid Risk Assessment.

Business outcomes

  • Identifying ineffective security practices such as weak security strategy and operations that place the organization at risk
  • Staying ahead of compliance challenges (HIPAA, PCI, NIST, CIS and GDPR); demonstrating to customers and stakeholders the commitment to secure and protect their most valuable assets
  • Preparing for technology and business audits; identifying potential security issues — and developing a prioritized approach for remediation
  • Reducing risk by minimizing vulnerabilities that would allow attackers to steal financial assets, customer data or intellectual property
  • Positioning the organization for additional governance strategy and management changes

The path forward

The Onix Cloud Risk Assessment was designed to help your organization quickly identify and prioritize your cloud security issues — and to provide the directional and actionable insights needed to remediate and protect against one-time and recurring cloud security issues and risks. Our process includes four concise steps:

Gather data and inventory the cloud environment

Analyze capabilities and identify gaps

Uncover and prioritize issues

Create a more secure cloud environment

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