Onix Accelerates Data Modernization for Global Telecom Leader with Netezza to GCP Migration

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The Company:

The client is a major telecommunications provider based in the UK, offering connectivity and services to a vast customer base. They are recognized for driving innovation within the industry to meet the ever-evolving demands of their customers.


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The Challenge: 

  • Legacy Infrastructure Constraints: The client’s Netezza data warehouse was nearing end-of-life and struggled to keep pace with growing data volumes and performance demands, hindering their analytics capabilities.
  • Siloed Data: Data fragmentation across systems limited insights, impeding their ability to optimize network efficiency and make data-driven decisions.
  • Rising Costs: The maintenance and operational costs of the legacy platform were becoming substantial, motivating an exploration of more cost-effective solutions.

The Solution

Datametica (now an Onix company) orchestrated a strategic migration from Netezza to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Key elements included:

  • Discovery and Assessment: Eagle automated an in-depth analysis of the existing Netezza environment and workloads for informed migration planning.
  • GCP Integration and Data Loading: We integrated source systems with GCP and performed the migration of historical data.
  • Streamlined Data Pipelines: A robust data pipeline was established for incremental updates, ensuring continuous data flow.
  • Raven-Powered Code Conversion: Raven accelerated the code conversion process, leveraging AI and automation to convert SQL/Scripts for GCP compatibility.
  • Meticulous Data Validation: Pelican conducted rigorous data validation, ensuring absolute accuracy between source and target datasets.


  • Enhanced Performance and Scalability: Google Cloud Platform provided the client with a highly performant and scalable data warehouse, unlocking new levels of analytics power.
  • Reduced Operational Complexity: Migrating to GCP led to simplified platform management, streamlining operations and enabling greater agility.
  • Significant Cost Savings: The migration resulted in a substantial reduction in total costs, demonstrating the financial benefits of cloud modernization.
  • Unified Data View: With data consolidated on GCP, the client eliminated silos and gained a holistic view of their network, driving better decision-making.
  • Future-Proof Foundation: GCP positions the client to explore powerful machine learning capabilities for even deeper insights and predictive analytics.


Our team of data, cloud, and AI experts enabled a seamless and efficient migration for this global telecom leader. The modernized data platform on GCP provides a foundation for accelerated innovation, reduced costs, and exceptional customer experiences.

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