Using Cloud-Based Analytics to Fuel Data-Driven Decisions

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The global public cloud computing market is expected to reach $590 billion in 2023, and is projected to increase every subsequent year.

Businesses generate terabytes of data in the course of daily operations which are then stored in the cloud. For businesses to keep up with the growing market and the resources required to execute their operations, cloud-based analytics are needed to make the best data-driven decisions to maximize ROI and productivity.

What Is Cloud-Based Analytics?

Cloud-based analytics takes data in the cloud and, through many cloud tools, examines it before providing you with actionable insights to help drive and optimize your business operations. These insights can include behavior patterns of customers on your websites, reports on marketing tactics and much more.

Cloud-Based Data Analytics Tools That Drive Business Intelligence

Cloud-based data analytics tools are evolving the business landscape with the data they provide organizations. For example, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers many different services to help businesses gain insight into their operations as well as their competitors. For the most accurate and up-to-date analyses, GCP utilizes AI and machine learning (ML) that can also be found in Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps and more.

GCP’s services can provide:

  • Cloud-based data analytics for websitesGoogle Analytics collects and examines data from your websites and apps to provide comprehensive reports on clicks, page views, traffic and many more insights.
  • Cloud-based data analytics for sales. With BigQuery, you can build a marketing data warehouse by integrating your Google Ads and Analytics to create predictive audiences for your salespeople to increase marketing ROI.
  • Cloud-based data analytics for finances. The speed and scalability of GCP allow you to perform quantitative research to manage your budgets and resources so you can turn your business ideas into real strategies you can profit from.
  • Cloud-based data analytics for performance. Evolve business operations with GCP’s automation services to improve your decision making and boost your team’s efficiency.

Cloud-Based Data Analytics Platform Advantages For Your Business

Drive Growth and Stability

A cloud-based analytics platform, like GCP, helps you address aspects of your business, like internal collaboration, customer feedback collection or providing product updates that are linked to its lifecycle.

Dataflow, for example, enables you to connect data pipelines across multiple teams with ease. By giving developers the tools to analyze and integrate large data sets and automate software development tasks, your team can expedite their tasks so they can shift their focus to other operations.

Cost Reduction

By scaling up or down according to needs, GCP’s services ensure you’re only spending the resources necessary for your operations. GCP allows you to do this without hampering user experience or disrupting your processes, giving you the opportunity to scale in real time. Whether your websites or applications are receiving high or low traffic, GCP will maintain stability and continue its operations according to scaling needs.

To do this, GCP provides Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), which allows you to automate scaling by integrating Kubernetes clusters into your operations. You set the scaling metrics, GKE scales the resources required to meet those metrics.

Google’s BigQuery is another way to reduce costs and boost decision making by allowing you to:

  • Scale analytics with a 27% reduction of costs and resources required per cloud project across a three-year span compared to data warehouse alternatives.
  • Gather insight through AI and ML designed for business.
  • Uses a multicloud solution to pull analytics and insight from multiple sources.

Increase Sharing and Collaboration

Google Looker collects your business data and organizes it to develop more efficient workflows and applications for your team.

Looker allows you to:

  • Access and edit the most current version of your data.
  • Helps your analysis team shift their focus to other tasks by providing a 99% decrease in dependability on them for operations.
  • Increase sale value by 26%, and reduce customer attrition rate by 7% with natural workflow analytics.

Improved Security

Google Cloud security is backed by its Chronicle Security Operations suite. These security services work alongside your IT team to automate responses to potential cyberthreats in your cloud environment. These services can reduce time spent monitoring for threats and help you improve any vulnerabilities in your network.

Cloud-Based Analytics Solutions With Onix

Onix uses cloud-based analytics tools and solutions to help your business capture, manage, process and visualize data in the cloud so it can be used to quickly generate insights that will drive your business forward.

As a 12-time Google Cloud Partner of the Year award winner, our team will work with you to find the best services to match your organizational requirements so you can experience the advantages of a cloud-based data analytics platform.

Sign up for our OAM Workshop where we will help you implement cloud analytics solutions unique to your business needs.

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