Wells Fargo Case Study

Onix Empowers Leading Financial Services Company with AI-Driven Transformation

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The Company:

A major American multinational financial services company with a significant consumer banking presence. This company has a long history in the industry and offers diverse financial products including mortgages, credit cards, and investment services.

The Challenge: 

The company sought a transformative data strategy to unlock the power of real-time analytics to enable better decision making.  Their reliance on Teradata as their core data warehouse limited their ability to derive insights from data and achieve their ambitious digital transformation goals. This system also imposed cost burdens (e.g, high hardware and licensing costs) while hindering the company’s ability to scale rapidly to meet growing data demands and agility needed for next-generation innovation.

By modernizing their core data warehouse, the company aimed to reduce hardware and licensing expenses, empower data-driven decision-making across the organization. This would also lay the foundation for cutting-edge AI/ML applications, ultimately accelerating their evolution towards GenAI capabilities.

The Solution

Onix is spearheading a transformative data modernization project, which incorporates:

  • Cloud-centric modernization:Onix is architecting a comprehensive solution to migrate the company’s vast data assets from Teradata to Google BigQuery, leveraging the power and scalability of the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Workload Classification:Eagle segmented workloads based on complexity and migration suitability, facilitating phased migration planning.
  • Accelerated migration with Datametica Birds:Onix is deploying the Datametica Birds product suite (Eagle, Pelican, and Raven) to streamline the complex process of migrating petabytes of data and over a million data objects, including the transformation of intricate legacy code.
  • Seamless transition:Onix meticulously managed the end-to-end migration, prioritizing minimal disruption to the financial service’s business operations.


The comprehensive modernization initiative will transform the company’s data landscape, establishing a consolidated cloud-based platform on Google Cloud. This strategic shift will not only deliver tangible improvements in scalability, performance, and architectural consistency but will also unlock AI potential. The company will be empowered to leverage cutting-edge AI capabilities, tailoring and enhancing customer experiences. This will position the company as a leader in data-driven innovation in financial services, ready to deliver exceptional value to both customers and employees.

  • Consolidated, scalable data platform:BigQuery provides the company with a unified, cloud-based data foundation, empowering advanced analytics and enhanced end-user experiences.
  • AI-enabled innovation:The company leverages BigQuery’s seamless integration with AI/ML tools to drive personalization, intelligent decision-making, and accelerated innovation.
  • Optimized TCOThe migration resulted in significant cost reductions, replacing expensive Teradata licensing and hardware costs with the flexible, pay-as-you-go cloud model.
  • Future-proof architecture:BigQuery positions the company for continued growth and innovation, supporting the evolution of GenAI applications.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cloud as an enabler:This customer story spotlights the role of cloud technologies in achieving transformative modernization within the financial services industry.
  • Importance of automated tools:The Datametica Birds accelerate the migration process, ensuring timely execution and minimizing manual effort.
  • Value of expertise:Onix’s deep experience in data modernization and cloud migrations proved instrumental in the company’s smooth transition to a modern, AI-optimized data landscape.

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