Accelerate your business and foster innovation by modernizing in the cloud

Accelerate your business and foster innovation by modernizing in the cloud


Migrating and modernizing in the cloud is a crucial step for your business to take—one that will set you on a path to removing technical debt, using infrastructure architectures that scale to match demand and simplifying operations of critical environments. In other words, preparing you for the future. The tricky part is finding the right partner to optimize your efforts while preventing costly disruptions to your business.

The Onix cloud DevOps team can help you create a systematic migration and modernization strategy that will dramatically reduce risk and cost as you leverage advanced cloud capabilities. We have over a decade of experience helping clients manage change, increase security, deploy features faster and retain talent and we can free your internal IT teams to focus on higher-value work across the organization.

Migrating and modernizing applications sets you on a path to removing technical debt, deploying scalable infrastructures, and simplifying operations. Onix can help you create a strategy that will reduce risk and cost and fully leverage cloud capabilities.

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Here’s what our cloud DevOps team can do

Using cloud-native services, software deployment pipelines and infrastructure automation, we will help you break down your old monolithic and legacy applications into modern containerized or serverless architectures, allowing your services to scale with lower overhead in a more secure and stable environment.

Here’s what our cloud DevOps team can do

Assessment and planning

When you are ready to deepen your understanding of the cloud and what it can do for your business, Onix can help you take the next step, starting with a comprehensive cloud readiness assessment that identifies server specifications and cloud fit. Then we’ll help you plan your migration strategy with an actionable roadmap for your unique business requirements and assist you through the complete cloud journey.

Automated discovery and
migration tooling

We’ll use automated discovery environment tools to validate application criticality and server dependencies—and move groups to ensure co-dependent applications migrate together for no disruption and seamless operation afterward.

Architect and deploy autoscaling and self-healing environments

We’ll architect and deploy scalable and elastic environments that are durable enough to withstand spikes in activity and outside attacks without disruption.

Refactor and replatform apps to leverage PaaS and Caas

We’ll drive operational stability in your organization by leveraging Platform-as-a-Service or Container-as-a-Service technologies. We’ll ensure your infrastructure is always up to date and secure. We’ll assist your development teams in understanding how to use and deploy cloud-native services.

Project management is core to our delivery

We use state-of-the-art development methodologies such as Agile, Scrum and Kanban with the sprint cycle of your choosing. We can also tailor a code development strategy that best fits your needs.

Streamline support with modern interface technologies

We can promote a self-service culture within your organization by implementing dashboards for non-technical staff and modern interface technologies like ChatOps.

We are a 12-time Google Cloud Partner of the Year award winner and an AWS Advanced Services Partner

We are an award-winning partner with Google Cloud and AWS

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