Largest U.S. Toy Manufacturer Modernizes Its Data Warehouse to Achieve New Analytics Capabilities

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About the Customer:

An American-based toy manufacturing company that manufactures toys and sells them globally, wanted to modernize its data warehouse ecosystem and consolidate various platforms under one roof.

Customer Challenge:

The customer had been experiencing technical, scalability, and cost issues with their existing Netezza system. They wanted to leverage cloud-native technologies offered by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to consolidate their platforms and manage operational costs in a better way. The customer also wanted to work with a technology partner that knew how to leverage GCP cloud-native technologies, and who could lead the modernization project safely and efficiently.

Partner Solution: 

Before the migration, we provided the toy manufacturing company with a detailed assessment of their existing Netezza environment with the power of Eagle – an automated assessment & data migration planning technology – and outlined the full migration plan. The legacy system application pipeline used Oracle EDW as the source and Netezza as the target, with downstreams mostly on GCP. The pipeline was developed using Informatica PowerCenter and Orchestration using a CA scheduler. Downstream systems were mostly migrated to GCP.

During the migration and repointing, we observed that Power Centers (PCs) have limitations with respect to BQ and that their performance is also poor. To address the limitations and performance issues, we converted the required PC WFs either into BQ Store Procedures  or IICS.  During the OPA module implementation, we converted the flow from FULL LOAD to incremental, optimizing the overall solution and lowering maintenance costs.

The FAP module of Netezza was one of the complex modules with critical downstream dependencies. To handle complexities in data matching, we took  a hybrid approach by converting the WFs into SPs or IICS. We also used Pelican, our AI-powered data validation and reconciliation tool,  to ensure that the data moving between Netezza and BigQuery was accurate and matched.

Impact & Result:

  • Reduced operational costs and infrastructure provisioning timelines.
  • Improvements in efficiency and performance are due to the consolidation of different legacy applications into a single, unified GCP.
  • Datametica solutions delivered faster cloud migration, with lower costs and lower business risk.
  • Ensured confidence in the decommissioning of Netezza Warehouses with the help of Pelican.

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