How Onix Can Deliver on Gartner’s 2024 Technology Trends

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Gartner recently announced its list of 10 leading technology trends to expect in 2024. Chris Howard of Gartner expressed his view that IT and business leaders “must evaluate the impacts and benefits of strategic technology trends, but this is no small task given the increasing rate of technological innovation.”

Here are just a few of the 10 trends listed by Gartner:

  • Democratization of Generative AI
  • AI-augmented development
  • Platform engineering
  • Industry cloud platforms
  • Intelligent applications

Based on Gartner’s technology trends, business leaders can expect 3 primary themes to consider when making decisions in 2024:

  1. Securing your technology investments – including past and future investments.
  2. Unleashing creativity with technology – or developing the ability to build the right technology solutions at the right time for the right stakeholders.
  3. Driving repeated business value – for both internal and external customers.

Here’s a look at how Onix solutions can deliver on each of these 3 identified themes. Let’s get started.

Theme#1 – Securing your technology investments

As part of their long-term innovation strategy, IT leaders must focus on protecting their previous and future investments in technology solutions. For example, by democratizing their investment in Generative AI tools, organizations can open up wider usage of this technology across business functions and job roles.

Gartner estimates that by 2026, over 80% of organizations will deploy Generative AI-powered models and applications in their production environment. This is up from just 5% in 2023.

Among the 10 trends, Gartner has also listed AI Trust, Risk, and Security Management to make AI investments safe and effective. With Generative AI, organizations can deploy reliable AI systems that protect data privacy. Using the AI-powered Google Workspace, organizations can augment their workplace security – with the zero-trust security model.  

Similarly, sustainable technology will emerge as the “framework of digital solutions that can enable environmental, social and governance (ESG) outcomes for the enterprise and its customers.” Using sustainable technology, organizations can protect their investments in forward-looking and reusable innovations. For instance, Google Cloud service models enable organizations to consume “only what they need” – through shared cloud resources.

To this effect, IT leaders must look to:

  • Invest only in technology solutions that can provide sound business results.
  • Determine the ROI of software projects – along with the protective security measures.
  • Customize innovations designed for future sustainability and reusability. 

At Onix, we have adopted a security-first approach to cloud computing. We deliver our cloud security solutions with:

  • Quickly performing risk assessment of existing cloud security.
  • Reviewing the current cloud security posture.
  • Recommending the best cloud services to transform cloud security.

Theme#2 – Unleashing creativity with technology

Along with investments into Generative AI, Gartner predicts that 2024 will mark the rise of “creative” software builders. As an example, the emergence of low-code/ no-code development platforms is enabling business users to build their applications – instead of waiting for technical professionals. 

Similarly, industry cloud platforms (ICPs) enable organizations to meet the specific technology needs of their vertical industry. According to Gregor Petri of Gartner, “ICPs have transformed cloud platforms into business platforms.” By 2027, over 70% of organizations are expected to use ICPs for business development – up from less than 15% in 2023.

As part of this emerging trend, organizations can deploy AI-driven “intelligent” applications to personalize their product ownership and deliver insights from customer data. This can, in turn, accelerate the product roadmap by deploying and integrating with the existing technology investments.

To this effect, IT leaders must look to:

  • Invest in technology that fits their industry and business needs.
  • Develop a product roadmap for the benefit of non-specialists.
  • Coordinate with other business stakeholders.

At Onix, we focus on developing flexible and customized solutions to meet our clients’ specific business needs. Our team of expert application developers works closely with clients to identify their business requirements. Through our custom application development services, we work to ensure that our customers can achieve their digital transformation goals.

Theme#3 – Driving repeated business value

Through this theme, Gartner continues to drive the importance of business value and operational excellence. In a dynamic market environment, organizations need flexibility to adapt to changing customer demands. On its part, Generative AI and other AI-powered tools can drive business value by identifying new market trends and opportunities.

Similarly, platform engineering tools can deliver business value – while optimizing workforce productivity and user experience. For instance, using its self-servicing capabilities, platform engineering can improve developer’s skills and productivity.

With the Google Cloud Architecture framework, organizations can achieve operational excellence by:

  • Describing the best practices.
  • Recommending the best implementation methods.
  • Designing Google Cloud deployments to match your business needs. 

To this effect, IT leaders must look to:

  • Adjust to changing customer demands – both internally and externally.
  • Control user access to evolving digital tools – in AI and workforce skilling.

Onix’s solutions in data analytics can deliver business value along with benefits like improved business agility and faster innovation. Onix can also help accelerate your data warehouse migration and modernization – with the Datametica Bird product suite. With Onix’s AI and machine learning expertise, we can help organizations in the following areas:

  • Process automation and optimization
  • Data predictions and forecasts
  • Natural language processing and understanding

In summary

To summarize, you can derive a lot of valuable insights from Gartner’s 2024 Technology Trends. To maximize the benefits, organizations must prioritize and protect their IT spending (especially in the AI domain). As Gartner has pointed out, 2024 will mark the onset of intelligent applications and industry cloud platforms.

At Onix, we work closely with our customers to:

  • Protect their investments in technology solutions.
  • Build customized solutions for their specific business needs.
  • Design solutions that deliver business value.

Get in touch with us if you’re looking for a reliable partner to accelerate your business by capitalizing on today’s tech trends. 

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