New Generative AI Capabilities are Coming to Google Workspace

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In case you missed it, Google I/O 2023 was packed with exciting product announcements and demos, with AI as the main star of the show. Building on AI-powered features like Smart Compose, Smart Reply, and meeting transcripts, Google announced that generative AI will be expanding across Google Workspace to further enhance collaboration and productivity amongst team members, and create richer user experiences. What’s so special about generative AI? This type of artificial intelligence is geared toward creating new content, such as text, images, and audio. But the real key is that it’s able to process information and generate the content quickly. Generative AI technology is poised to revolutionize the future of work.

Create, Connect, and Collaborate Like Never Before With Generative AI Integrations

Google Workspace was developed with the goal of easily and meaningfully connecting people from anywhere – simplifying how they create, build, and grow together – and helping businesses achieve more in the cloud with scalability, reduced costs, and automated workflows. Now, advances in generative AI are making collaboration and productivity possible and better in new ways.

Here are some ways in which genAI can be used with the tools included in Google Workspace:

Content Generation: GenAI can help users create well-written emails, reports, or even presentations by suggesting relevant content, generating summaries, or providing alternative phrasing options. This can save time and improve the quality of content.

Smart Formatting: GenAI can help automate the formatting process within Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. It can analyze the content and intelligently apply consistent formatting, such as adjusting font styles, headers, bullet points, and alignment. This can ensure that documents have a polished and professional appearance without requiring manual formatting efforts.

Data Analysis and Visualization: In Google Sheets, GenAI can automatically recognize patterns, detect anomalies, and suggest appropriate formulas or functions based on the given dataset. It can also generate interactive and visually appealing charts and graphs to present data in a more intuitive and understandable way.

Language Translation: Google Workspace already provides translation capabilities, but Gen AI can further improve the accuracy and quality of translations. It can leverage advanced neural machine translation techniques to offer more precise and context-aware translations across multiple languages, enabling seamless communication and collaboration among users from different linguistic backgrounds.

Smart Scheduling: With GenAI, Google Calendar can analyze participants’ availability, preferences, and historical data to suggest optimal meeting times, automatically schedule events, and even propose alternative meeting formats such as video calls or in-person meetings based on location data.

Enhanced Search and Discovery: GenAI can understand users’ queries in a more contextual manner and provide more relevant search results. Additionally, it can help users discover relevant files, emails, or documents based on their context, preferences, and previous interactions within the Google Workspace environment.

Workflow Automation: GenAI can automate repetitive and mundane tasks within Google Workspace. For instance, it can identify routine actions performed by users, such as organizing emails into folders, categorizing documents, or creating calendar events, and offer suggestions or even automate these tasks based on user preferences and patterns.

From Search and Maps, to Gmail and Docs in Google Workspace, AI is already having a significant impact on our lives every single day. And while there is some concern around the future of artificial intelligence and its role in society, it’s important to note that generative AI should be seen as a tool to support human capabilities rather than replace them. The bottom line: effective collaboration still relies on human interaction, critical thinking, and creativity, with generative AI serving to enhance productivity and collaboration. 

Accessing Generative AI Capabilities in Google Workspace

Google is currently testing a lengthy list of GenAI features in their Trusted Tester Program, called Google Workspace Labs. You can sign up here to express interest in beta testing new products and providing feedback before they become more broadly available to consumers, small businesses, enterprises, and educational institutions in more countries and languages. 

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