How Contact Center AI Can Transform Customer Service

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As the name suggests, contact center AI (CCAI) is the application of AI technology in customer contact centers. According to Gartner, the deployment of Conversational AI in contact centers can lower human labor costs by $80 billion by 2026. At the same time, 60% of customer servicing executives say AI has saved them time.

What is driving organizations to adopt CCAI? With growing customer expectations, contact centers are constantly pushed to improve their customer service and customer experience (CX). However, this also translates to higher workloads on the customer service teams – along with higher costs. AI-powered contact centers can elevate CX – without increasing costs and workload. In this blog, we shall discuss how it works.

How does CCAI improve customer service?

By automating manual (or repetitive) tasks in contact centers, CCAI can effectively free up human agents to focus on delivering improved CX. Here’s how CCAI can improve customer service:

1. Create “virtual” agents.

With CCAI technology, AI-powered “virtual” agents can now interact with customers – and solve their problems. Besides, they can provide human agents with real-time customer information, previous interactions, and workflows. Effectively, virtual agents enable human agents to focus on more challenging customer calls and queries.

2. Facilitate natural conversations.

Enabled by natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, CCAI solutions can analyze natural conversations on any channel. Conversational analytics can provide useful insights into customer sentiments and emotions. This provides contact centers with information about any ongoing customer call – based on the speaking tone. 

Based on this real-time information, contact center managers can even jump into a “live” call to help their agents. 

3. Provide business insights.

AI-powered contact center tools can collect and analyze massive volumes of real-time data. This provides valuable business insights through metrics to customer servicing teams. Business insights deliver a range of customer-related KPIs such as agent performance, call duration, and call volumes. 

For example, CCAI tools can measure the CSAT (customer satisfaction) metric to gather customer feedback – without conducting a customer survey.

4. Predict customer problems.

Gartner has recommended a more proactive approach to delivering customer service, which can transform CX. Powered by machine learning, CCAI tools can offer predictive analytics, which ensures a proactive approach. 

Based on previous interactions, CCAI solutions can predict customers’ needs accurately – along with the support that they may need in advance. This enables contact centers to allocate sufficient resources to resolve the forecasted problem.

Features of Contact Center AI

Google Cloud offers many Contact Center AI features to transform customer service and experiences, such as:

1. Generative playbook

Google’s generative playbook offers an innovative next-gen feature to create Dialogflow CX agents using LLMs. Using playbooks, users no longer have to define the workflows, pages, and transitions. All they need is to provide instructions in natural language and structured data.

How does this feature benefit? Primarily, it reduces the time taken to create and maintain virtual agents. Besides, it provides a new type of conversational experience for developers. 

2. Vertex AI

Powered by Generative AI, Contact Center AI now offers easier “searches and conversations” for customers with Vertex AI. Using Vertex AI, it is much easier for contact centers to adopt Generative AI and personalize their customer interactions.

Here are some of the benefits of Vertex AI:

  • Obtaining relevant information through online searches.
  • Integrating enterprise data with Google searches and Conversational AI.
  • Create unique experiences using text, video, images, and voice.

3. Conversational AI

CCAI solutions offer conversational AI as an integral part of its Vertex AI platform. Effectively, conversational AI combines natural language processing (or NLP) with machine learning and foundation models. 

Among its benefits, conversational AI can automate contact center tasks currently performed by human agents. This helps in reducing costs and improving productivity and efficiency.

Implementing Contact Center AI services with Onix:

As an award-winning Google Cloud partner, Onix enables organizations to leverage the capabilities of AI technology in their industry. With our AI solutions, you can transform your enterprise in three main focus areas, namely:

  • Automation & optimization
  • Prediction & forecasting
  • Natural language processing

Using our expertise in Google’s Contact Center AI technology, you can transform your customer experience without increasing operational costs. If you want to know more, contact our team today.

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