Cloud Security Best Practices to Safeguard Your Organization

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While convenient, common rapid cloud adoptions can overshadow cloud security and governance objectives, leaving your organization’s data vulnerable to cybersecurity threats.  

Forbes reported that in 2021 alone, cybercrime is expected to account for $6 trillion in losses. Even with that staggering number, it has also been estimated that 25% or fewer companies follow basic cybersecurity best practices. 

When planning, implementing, and maintaining the cloud, it’s crucial to develop cloud security best practices to keep your organization safe. Though it may be assumed that the cloud is inherently secure, many default security settings are not enough for thorough protection against continuously evolving threats. 

Here are some of the best practices to maintain cloud security within your organization. 

How To Keep Your Organization Safe

In order to keep organizations of all sizes safe, it’s crucial to maintain a security-first approach to cloud transformations. 

There are a number of ways to ensure your organization’s safety in the cloud, including through: 

  • Having visibility and access into your cloud data. 
  • Ensuring your organization has full awareness of the effectiveness of the controls protecting your data. 
  • Meeting all necessary compliance requirements. 

Onix has the tools and framework in place to help assess, remediate, and build cloud security best practices to protect data, users, and applications for your organization. 

Introducing Onix’s Security and Governance Framework

Our Security and Governance Framework is designed to help implement end-to-end cloud security and governance solutions to remediate risk and build secure foundations in your organization. 

How Does It Work?

The Onix Security and Governance framework helps solve security in the cloud and accelerates business goals which is accomplished by:

  • Running assessments and developing business cases. We quickly assess your organization’s environment for high- and medium-risk vulnerabilities. 
  • Establishing a baseline for cloud security. We begin remediating high- and medium-priority risks. 
  • Establishing high-level processes. This includes foundational policies, procedures, and best practice security standards. 
  • Operationalizing policies and standards. By building security and governance processes in the cloud, we can build solutions while establishing a foundation. 
  • Managing and optimizing. Once we have migrated, we take a look at security best practice processes to optimize security management and operations. 
    Cloud Security Best Practices

While there are many third-party and SaaS products to provide patchwork solutions, they don’t fix the root issue. To keep your organization safe, it’s critical to solve holistic security and governance challenges. 

What Are the Benefits? 

A secure, well-governed cloud enables better business outcomes and a more successful business transformation overall. In fact, 56% of CEOs say digital improvements have led to increased revenue.

In addition, addressing foundational security and governance issues allows organizations to focus on primary cloud drivers, including agility, innovation, and efficiency. 

Get the Most Out of the Cloud

While 74% of business leaders are engaged in cloud strategy, 53% of companies have yet to realize substantial value from their cloud investments, according to PWC’s US Cloud Business Survey

We want to change that.  

Through a partnership that provides value to your business, we want to show you everything the cloud can do for your business. By working with a Cloud Managed Services Provider (CMS) like Onix, we will proactively oversee and maintain your organization’s cloud IT infrastructure. We help improve your organization’s cloud experience by providing your organization with: 

  • Increased efficiency.
  • High availability and increased business continuity.
  • Reduced and predictable costs. 
  • Optimized IT staffing. 

In addition, we want to ensure your organization is fully aware of the risks in your cloud environment. Through our Rapid Risk Assessment, we use cloud security best practices and control framework references to discover, identify, and analyze your security risks before providing you with actionable recommendations to help mitigate your risk. 

Request an Onix Rapid Risk Assessment today to uncover the risks in your cloud environment!

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