How to Manage Google Workspace: 6 Tips to Know

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Since its launch in 2020, companies have begun to rapidly implement project management with Google Workspace to provide the best collaborative and communicative features for their work environments.

With the advanced tools this workplace-changing app provides, you may be wondering, “What’s the catch?” However, operating it is easier than you might think.

We’ll cover just how simple it can be to manage Google Workspace, what features it provides and how you can modernize your organization with cloud services.

1. Google Workspace Keeps Your Enterprise Information Secure

Powered by Google’s vast network of secure and stable data centers, Google Workspace was built for the cloud. Security benefits of Workspace include:

  • Uploaded data is encrypted with specific keys using 128-bit or higher Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
  • In-transit data is also encrypted with HTTPS.
  • The admin console gives you direct control over the system and application settings.
  • Includes advanced tools like two-step authentication and single sign-on (SSO) options.
  • Multiple email security policies.

Furthermore, the Business and Enterprise versions offer more security and advanced Google Drive auditing.

2. Manage Users with the Admin Console

With the admin console, the Google Workspace account manager can grant any user permissions across your entire organization, including console access. 

Super admins can perform all tasks in the console, including:

  • Manage Google Workspace tasks.
  • Change service settings.
  • Reset user passwords.
  • Create user groups.
  • Communicate with your team.

Once you’ve accessed the console, you can streamline and customize Google Workspace task management for non-admin users to make your employee’s experiences enjoyable each day.

3. Google Workspace Device Management

Remote work is common in today’s business landscape and it’s not uncommon for workers to have access to emails, files and other sensitive data from various personal devices. Without the right cybersecurity, these devices are at risk.

With Google Workspace’s user management tools, however, you can deploy mobile device management (MDM) to enforce security policies for those devices. You can also isolate and wipe devices remotely to prevent a cyberattack from causing catastrophic consequences.

4. You Can Manage Multiple Domains

Some organizations have multiple domains. With Google’s collaborative all-in-one app, management across all domains is simple. You can add all of your domains to your Workspace account and manage them from the admin console. This feature is free for all users. Furthermore, users can share all of your features across different domains.

5. Easily Integrate Third-Party and Custom Apps

If your company requires numerous third-party or custom apps, Workspace accounts for that too. It’s built to provide a seamless experience with several apps, no matter if they’re off-the-shelf or custom-built for your organization. Google provides pre-integrated single sign-on for over 200 cloud apps. You can also control what apps mobile users can use and manage app features.

6. Using Google Workspace for Project Management

You can streamline projects to boost productivity and make your tasks easier to complete for your employees with the following project management tools Google Workspace offers:

  • Sheets. Allows you to record, share and consolidate your spreadsheet data across your organization.
  • Google CalendarSchedule and monitor deadlines for projects in real-time, all in one place.
  • Google Drive. Store and manage projects and media in a secure location that can be accessed by authorized users at any time.
  • Gmail. You can add specific team members to groups for more efficient communication and content sharing.
  • Google Meets. In collaboration with Google Slides, you can host presentations and reports across every department.

Boost Your Team’s Productivity With Google Workspace

Google’s all-in-one app is revolutionizing the way businesses communicate and collaborate. This has led to efficient and connected workplaces. 

Furthermore, when paired with a Google Cloud-managed provider like Onix, the average ROI for companies that use Workspace is 449%, which is a staggering number, to say the least.

Want to learn more about how you can manage Google Workspace to maximize your operations and employee potential? Download our e-book to find out how Onix is reimagining the future of work with cloud services.

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