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Google’s annual Public Sector forum was held in Washington DC on October 17th. It was a day packed with attendees, reconnecting with their friends and colleagues – coupled with lots of interesting business and technical discussions. The interweaving of keynote talking points with impactful demonstrations underlined the importance of Google’s technology in supporting our citizens. The mission is clear: enable our government to better empower its workforce, technology stacks, and in return, provide more value for each U.S. constituent.  

Throughout the day, we heard that legacy systems are more vulnerable than ever. We need to enable our customers to develop a stronger focus on security – through the application of AI.

Introducing Google Cloud’s Chronicle CyberShield

Chronicle CyberShield from Google Cloud is a cyber defense/ government-wide Security Operations Center play. This is aimed at protecting public assets and employee upskilling for both state and local organizations.

Here are some of its key capabilities:

  • Enhanced cyber threat intelligence
  • Rapid response to cyber attacks
  • Cybersecurity skills
  • Knowledge sharing and collaboration

Google is committed to open, hybrid and multi-cloud solutions. With their long history of innovation, Google is currently the leader in zero trust security – the security model that focuses on protecting data and resources by restricting access to authorized users only. The company’s first paper on cloud security was published in 2010. Beyond Corp Enterprise was first commercialized in 2019. Google’s Gemini is included in Mandiant, Chronicle and Security Control Center. Effective digital transformation requires first transforming security to address cyber risks.

Further, Google’s cloud commitment means that they offer a variety of cloud computing options to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Google’s Gemini is an AI-powered tool that can be used to automate security tasks and improve the efficiency of security teams. Google Cloud security products include Mandiant, Chronicle, and Security Control Center, which can be used to protect businesses from cyber threats.

As part of digital transformation, security transformation enables organizations to adapt security practices to meet the challenges of digital transformation. AI technology is effective at reducing toil by automating security tasks, such as identifying and responding to security alerts. AI can also be used to upskill junior resources by providing them with adequate training and support.

Expanding Google Cloud’s Assured Workloads

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) continues to expand Assured Workloads, a set of advanced compliance offerings, to its portfolio. Assured Workloads includes IL4 and IL5 certifications, sovereign controls, and ITAR compliance. It is available in 9 regions and 38 zones in the U.S. According to GCP, Assured Workloads is a shared fate model with its customers – meaning both GCP and its customers are responsible for security and compliance.

Here are some of the new features now available in Google’s Assured Workloads:

  • Assured Workloads in Australia – with data residency and regional support
  • Canada Protected B – for data residency in Canada along with local support
  • New products and services – supported by compliance program
  • TLS version restriction – to deny Google Cloud API requests made using older TLS encryption

Google Cloud is committed to helping partners and customers succeed in the Public Sector by offering security, innovation, and compliance. Automation and security are critical to protecting workloads. This makes Google Cloud the partner of choice for the Public Sector.

As a partner for Google Cloud, Onix can help Public Sector enterprises achieve their business goals. Reach out to find out how Onix’s Public Sector team can help your organization!

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