Enhance Delivery Operations with Google Maps Address Validation and Eco-Friendly Routes Maps

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Over the years, Google Maps has evolved from a real-time navigation tool to a powerful business tool. For almost 17 years, Google Maps APIs have enabled organizations to maximize their business benefits and deliver customer value. 

Google Maps APIs enable developers to access and use real-time Google Maps data and features in their projects. For instance, you can embed customized API code to include Google Maps on your business website or on your mobile app.

The platform is regularly evolving and adding new functions that can improve delivery operations and save on costs. In this blog, we will discuss how Google Maps APIs can validate business addresses to reduce the amount of failed deliveries and create eco-friendly delivery routes to save on fuel costs.

1. Address Validation API

Proper address validation has a variety of use cases across industries. Here are some of them:

  • An eCommerce retailer can improve customer experience by offering online shoppers an easy mode to correct their delivery address. 
  • Logistics companies can leverage this API to deliver their packages at the right destination. 
  • Financial services companies can identify fraudulent customers by detecting a “fake” address provided by them as address proofs.

Google’s Address Validation API is the service that accepts and validates the address. It enables Google Map users to:

  • Add or standardize any missing (or incorrect) address-related data.
  • Identify any missing or incorrect address-related components.
  • Improve predictability and reduce any delivery failures, thus enhancing the customer experience.
  • Automatically infer if the specified building contains subpremise like apartments or suites.

Besides improving the user experience, the Address Validation API can eliminate business costs related to failed deliveries and customer support. Among other use cases, the Address Validation API can help in differentiating a business address from a residential address. This is important for making deliveries during business days and hours.

Try out this Address Validation API demo in your supported region.

2. Google Routes API: Eco-Friendly Routes

Announced in September 2022, the Google Routes API is an advanced version of the popular Directions and Distance Matrix APIs. By combining both these APIs, Google Routes provides more flexible and intuitive routes for Google Maps users.

Google’s Routes API enables businesses to select the most eco-friendly route for their operations. This means businesses can save on fuel costs and be more environmentally friendly. Here are some of the main features provided by this API:

  • Optimized for fuel saving across the entire route.
  • Considerations for the vehicle engine type, real-time traffic, and road conditions to choose the most eco-efficient route.
  • Measures the estimated fuel consumption for a particular route.

Among the popular use cases, Google Routes API enables two-wheeler riders to find the fastest and cost-efficient route to reach their destination. By providing toll calculations (if any) along the route, it enables users to decide the tradeoff between time and costs. Similarly, ride sharing companies can leverage Google Routes API to reduce fuel consumption and increase savings for a single (or across multiple) trips.

How Onix can help in building an efficient Google Maps Platform

With its expertise in the Google Maps Platform, Onix has enabled customers across industries to leverage the power of the Google Maps APIs to solve their business challenges. Designed for our Google Maps customers, Onix Assist delivers business value through the following services:

  • Cloud Console Billing Analysis to streamline business spending and billable activities
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Securing user credentials for Google Maps
  • Optimizing Google Maps for improved performance and cost optimization with volume discounts

A Google Maps service provider like Onix can help customize Google Maps APIs for your business requirements – and address common business problems. We have a team of specialized Google Maps professionals who are skilled at understanding your business requirements.

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