Google Maps Platform services

The Google Maps Platform — one of seven Google consumer products — operates on two billion active devices. It is hosted in Google Cloud Platform, offering both pure reliability and scale. Accessible to all organizations, Google Maps APIs have been available for almost 17 years.

Now part of Google Maps Platform, with a true global scale of more than 250 countries and territories, this offering has over one billion monthly active users, receiving over 50 million updates per day while offering the most comprehensive database of more than 200 million business and place listings.

Google Maps Platform services

Onix helps organizations use the power of Google Maps Platform through our professional services and specialized solutions. By understanding your business needs and utilizing the Maps APIs we can help solve challenges internally and for your customers. 

Onix Assist program
boosts maps results

Google has engaged Onix to help our mutual customers maximize Maps results by taking full advantage of all the value Google offers, as cost-effectively as possible. Onix Assist is a standalone resale offering from Onix for Google Maps Platform customers. This program offers value-added services based on our proven processes, all at no additional cost. The unique Onix Assist program makes an Onix Technical Account Manager (TAM) available to Google Maps Platform customers, providing expertise in these areas:

  • Cloud Console Billing Analysis
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Provisioning Google Maps Services
  • Securing Google Maps Platform Credentials
  • Optimizing Google Maps Platform Requests from a Performance and Cost Perspective

Onix Assist features

Premium support

At this support level, you have the ability to access a pool of Onix geospatial engineers to ask about any queries — or for other guidance. If an issue needs escalation, Onix will elevate the issue on your behalf. You benefit as Onix leverages our Premium Support SLAs in our role as a Premier GCP/GMP Partner. We also provide our customers with phone access for a conversation with our expert engineers.

Flexible billing management & FinOps tooling with OnSpend

Assist customers gain access to our FinOps tool, OnSpend at no additional cost.This billing analytics tool will help you identify spending efficiencies — and provide clarity about your current Google Maps billable activity.

Technical account manager

A Technical Account Manager (TAM) is assigned to your organization. He or she provides regular escalation path support for cost optimization, Google Cloud Console best practices — and additional services or reviews additional value may be derived.

Support manager

Corresponding with you on a regular basis, the support manager provides information such as cost versus budget results, billing anomalies — or billing-related reporting.

Support Cost control

Through the Onix Assist program, customers will have access to volume discount pricing and cost optimization workshops.

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