Labour Market Information Council implements a Comprehensive GCP Data Modernization Effort

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“Onix’s collaboration and emphasis on customer value has ensured our team developed the capacity to take on ownership of the resources they built and ensure long-term sustainability.”

About the Customer

Founded in Ottawa, Ontario in 2017, not-for-profit LMIC identifies pan-Canadian priorities for the collection, analysis and distribution of labor market information. It helps ensure better value from existing labour market information investments across Canada — and fosters exploration of new opportunities for collaboration among governments and stakeholders. The LMIC mandate is to improve the timeliness, reliability and accessibility of labour market information to facilitate decision making by students, workers, job seekers, employers and policy makers, improving the timeliness, reliability and accessibility of Canadian labour market information.

Customer Challenge

LMIC was aggregating data from several sources on an ongoing, cumulative basis. Data was consolidated and curated manually into several segregated silos making it challenging for queries both by internal stakeholders and external entities. Along with data harmonization, normalization and analysis, the organization knew they needed a central repository and the right tools for ingesting and automating their processes.

Partner Solution

Onix began by understanding the desired final state for the LMIC data hub, and then worked with LMIC to define and identify specific milestones to provide the discrete desirable outcomes they required. Using GCP tools BigQuery, Cloud Storage, Cloud Run and Cloud Operations, the approach was to build a foundation that could be later expanded to address growing needs.

Impact and Results

Data can now be ingested and harmonized automatically, saving significant time. To provide greater insights, analysis can now be performed across data sets that were previously siloed. The Data hub is being beta tested with other organizations with the intention of providing access as a service, potentially a new offering for LMIC.

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