Onix and Happeo Help Trimble Connect a Global Team Through a Centralized Intranet

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“I’m proud of Onix. They are our first North American partner to achieve Happeo certification and our partnership has been strong from day one. I look forward to our future together and helping companies achieve better alignment, engagement and collaboration.”

Executive Summary

Trimble is a global technology company that strives for industry improvements across the world. With over 150 offices, the organization was struggling to maintain an effective intranet with the tools they were using, Google Workspace and Currents.

To reach their entire global team, Trimble needed a centralized tool that worked with some of the tools that were already in use. Through a partnership with Onix, Trimble was able to implement Happeo, a turnkey social intranet built specifically for Google Workspace. Happeo connects team members, encourages collaboration and fosters a strong community within the organization.

About the Customer

Trimble is a global industrial technology company that focuses on connecting the digital and physical worlds to help industries move forward. Specifically, the company places an emphasis on improving productivity, quality, safety, transparency and sustainability.

Customer Challenge

With over 150 offices in 40 countries, Trimble struggled with maintaining effective communication across continents, a direct threat to their Connect & Scale strategy, which states that the base of the organization’s growth is through team communication and collaboration.

The organization termed their previous intranet and communications solution a “patchwork quilt”; some parts worked well, while others fell short. Consequently, they were limited in their options, which often left them with inconsistency, confusion and disconnected team members.

In addition, a number of different employees managed their previous intranet sites, which made it difficult for each individual to know about available information within the organization. This caused people to rely on other team members that might not share the same schedule, resulting in people waiting for answers, delayed productivity and other day-to-day operational challenges.

Partner Solution

In order to provide effective, consistent communication throughout the entire company, through a partnership with Onix, Trimble moved to Happeo, a social intranet designed for businesses that work with Google Workspace. It acts as a company’s news stream and enterprise social network, combined into a branded intranet environment. Happeo enables business communications to flow seamlessly, promoting work as a happier and more satisfying place for all.

By implementing Happeo, Trimble was able to create a space for all of its employees to find the answers they need, spend time connecting with their colleagues — and seamlessly collaborate about company deliverables.

Impact and Results

With the options and flexibility provided by Happeo, Trimble can consistently provide customized communications based on the type of content they’re sharing, or the audience they want to reach.

They can share announcements, long-form articles, posts and more with everyone in the organization. Particularly important items can even be shared as permanent announcements that remain at the top of the page.

By creating a collaborative, customizable space, Trimble is able to create a unified brand experience within their intranet through channels, static pages, and more. Trimble also has the ability to utilize dynamic analytics tools to monitor which content is most effective, who is being engaged, and even more importantly, who is not.

This transformation to a unified social intranet has allowed Trimble’s employees to easily collaborate with team members across the globe, find the resources they need and encourage innovation through data and information liberation.

Onix as an Implementation Partner

As the first North American partner to receive Happeo certification, Onix is at the forefront of this brand — and was equipped to successfully transform Trimble’s intranet into a centralized, collaborative space for everyone.

Scott Waugh, Happeo Partner Manager for North America said: “I’m proud of Onix. They are our first North American partner to achieve Happeo certification and our partnership has been strong from day one. I look forward to our future together and helping companies achieve better alignment, engagement and collaboration.”

Onix worked closely with Happeo and Trimble to ensure that the entire process ran smoothly, focusing on these five efforts:

  • Guiding Trimble through use-case discovery to help them best empower their employees
  • Identifying the best organization so the intranet provides an incredible user experience
  • Creating and designing the layout, mockups and other collateral to create a consistent brand message throughout the platform
  • Assisting content creators and identifying the content necessary to help provide up-to-date information to the Trimble team
  • Ensuring that the timeline and other critical processes were followed so that Trimble launched on time, with an incredible social intranet that connected their global organization.

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