Onix & GCP Helped Pizza Pizza Minimize Downtime, Improve Customer Service, & Recoup Costs

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About Pizza Pizza:

For over 50 years, Pizza Pizza Limited has been guided by a vision to provide the “best food, made especially for you” with a focus on quality ingredients, customer service, continuous innovation and community involvement. With more than 750 locations across Canada, the company is Canada’s pizza pioneer and a quick-service restaurant leader, operating two banners – Pizza Pizza and Pizza 73 – that deliver quality food choices, diverse menus and exciting promotions for all tastes, lifestyles and budgets.

Customer Challenge:

As a Quick Service Restaurant, Pizza Pizza requires good performance and uptime, especially during peak hours. If the environment is down, revenue could be impacted. They had a couple of occasions where the region that their infrastructure resides in had some networking issues that stopped communication between their services. Orders were taken, but not being processed.

Partner Solution: 

Onix was brought in to provide some resilience to their environment, without a severe impact on cloud costs.
After an assessment of current the environment, Onix suggested a multi-regional deployment, with the ability to switch from one region to another if an incident occurred. Onix deployed the new instance
and switched their main environment to a closer GCP
region with better overall uptime.

I have been working with Onix since 2019 and their level of expertise, skills and communication are consistently at a very high level. The conversation is always geared towards the best solution for us, the customer. We are grateful for the partnership and continue to work with the Onix team to expand our Google infrastructure.

Amar Narain
CIO & Vice President, Information Technology, Pizza Pizza Limited

Impact & Result:

  • The regional redundancy and overall performance of Pizza Pizza’s application in GCP have provided peace of mind and security.
  • Onix has also worked with Pizza Pizza on improving and modernizing their infrastructure so that future migrations will be compliant and easy to implement.
  • Pizza Pizza used the new infrastructure as a template for migrating Alberta-based Pizza 73, which was running on-premise, into GCP.
  • Pizza Pizza continues to expand its GCP footprint with new projects in Data and Analytics as well as Contact Centre AI.

Why GCP?

When Pizza Pizza was selecting a cloud to migrate their applications to, they chose Google Cloud because of the flexibility, price and ability to scale and grow. Pizza Pizza integrated Google geolocation services into their website and mobile application and are heavily invested in GCP. When Pizza Pizza acquired Pizza 73, they started the migration to GCP with the eCommerce platform. Future plans are to migrate additional on-prem applications to GCP and set up a data lake.

Why Onix?

Onix’s first interaction with Pizza Pizza was to assist in their integration of Google’s geolocation services into their customer-facing applications. Onix spent time developing trust with Pizza Pizza and provided a few small service projects addressing specific challenges. Pizza Pizza was impressed with Onix’s overall professionalism and expertise and we worked to become the “trusted advisor” for them. Onix worked closely with Google on recommendation strategies and provided a single voice for the client.

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