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Because Onix is a Premier Partner and offers Google Maps API services, they are in the know about what is coming from Google.



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Evolving from Asset Protection to Vehicle-Based Security

MAGTEC was launched to stop the theft of jeeps during Operation Desert Storm in Iraq. Today, the company specializes in developing and manufacturing commercial vehicle control systems specifically designed for the light-duty, transit, trucking and heavy equipment industries.

MAGTEC’s preventive-based technology and web-based application MCC (Mobile Command and Control) addresses challenges associated with security, driver management, safety, asset protection and prevention of cargo theft. MAGTEC’s headquarters are in Calgary, Alberta; it operates primarily in North America and Asia.

The company’s product line has evolved over time. Today, its core competency is vehicle-based security, which extends beyond simple GPS tracking.

Finding Dependable, Accurate Mapping Tools

The company first went with Bing maps but felt that solution fell short in some key areas. In Asia, Bing maps were found to be not as accurate as Google, which was “consistently offering a newer and more accurate view”, according to Nick Dvorak, Manager of Field Operations and Technical Services at MAGTEC.

“We realized we needed a more reliable reverse geocode solution. Bing would go down, leading to a delay in our system," Dvorak said.

Geofencing with Google Maps and the Roads API

“Google has been far more reliable and dependability issues just went away when we switched to Google Maps,” Dvorak noted. Also, MAGTEC found that customers were asking for Google Maps simply because it’s what they were using personally.

MAGTEC developed its SafeSpeed product using Google Maps Platform and the Roads API. This solutiondoes more than report speed; it also allows customers to remotely control speed, fleetwide. Google’s data visualization tools allowed MAGTEC’s developers to create geo fences and geo zones and zoom in two levels deeper than had been possible with Bing. Tracking location with geofencing is at the heart of SafeSpeed.

Mapping Technology Enables MAGTEC’s Continuous Innovation

“Google empowers us to innovate. They are always improving their products, which makes our products better for our customers,” Dvorak said. He noted that MAGTEC’s plans include creating a mobile application for SafeSpeed.

“Because Onix is a Premier partner and offers Google Maps API services, they are in the know about what is coming from Google," he added. "Onix keeps me informed about Google’s latest product enhancements so that we’re able to take full advantage of the latest technology and pass on the benefits to our customers.”

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