Commercial Insurance Company Scales Analytical Capabilities and Performance with GCP

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Customer Challenge:

One of the largest commercial insurers of the USA, had certain challenges such as high costs, low performance, high maintenance while running data on Oracle data warehouse. The client had a complex data warehouse environment built over the years. As a result, they wanted to move their entire system to Google Cloud Platform.

Before migrating to Google Cloud Platform, they required insights about their current data warehouse infrastructure. They had a system which was built over the years. was complex and about which they had limited documentation. They wanted to understand data lineage, job dependencies, data usage & access pattern and other critical information that will help them develop a proper data migration strategy.

Partner Solution: 

Datametica performed an in-depth data warehouse assessment with help of their Eagle – Automated Data Migration Planning Tool, to provide them with a complete data migration plan. 

Eagle helps them identify the data patterns, data dependencies, data classification and provide complete approach design, plan and optimization recommendations to migrate to GCP for scaling up in terms of analytical capabilities and performance.

Impact & Result:

  • End-to-end discovery
  • Workload classification
  • Understanding of data lineage
  • Recommendation based on access patterns, data usage and workload
  • Minimal involvement of SME time
  • Fact-based effort estimation

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