Onix Enables Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc. to Better Serve its Communities with Advanced Analytics

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“Onix teams bring expertise, initiative, and most importantly the ability to communicate to every project. We are implementing secure systems based on a zero-trust model that allows us to do more than ever before without compromising the privacy of our members or security of the data GOBHI is entrusted to protect.”

About the Customer

Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc., (GOBHI) a 501(c)(3) provides community-based services in 12 rural and frontier counties — and various direct services statewide. GOBHI empowers constituents to achieve better health, wellness and full potential by delivering services in a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment emphasizing individual beliefs and needs. Collaborating with Members, stakeholders and partners, the organization cultivates innovative opportunities to achieve common goals through diverse perspectives and knowledge in order to help people live healthier lives.

Customer Challenge

To better serve at-risk individuals and foster better behavioral health outcomes, GOBHI had to replace outdated, manually intensive data processes with contemporary business intelligence and analytics to gain insights from data ingested from disparate sources. To maximize their business analytics capabilities, they wanted to automate data collection, facilitate data exploration and self-service analytics as well as add predictive capabilities to identify at-risk clients and peak demand times. Although GOBHI had developed a broader vision of how to use AI/ML to optimize the way they were serving clients, their communities and the business, they were burdened with excessive costs for legacy software and server licenses. A reengineering effort to bring mission-critical data into GCP and use key Google product solutions was necessary.

Partner Solution

Providing a data strategy workshop as an introduction to their GCP journey, Onix partnered with GOBHI to create a detailed level design, identifying analytics, modernization opportunities and methods for eliminating the manual tasks and expensive VMs for their planned digital transformation. Onix helped GOBHI internalize the value of tools such as Cloud Functions for event-driven data processing, Cloud Storage for object storage and Data Lake storage zones, Dataflow for streaming data pipeline management and Data Catalog to tag, manage and leverage their metadata. The enhanced BigQuery data warehouse would power analytics with a lower TCO and enable the use of future machine learning outcomes. The Onix team worked with the organization to architect a Google Cloud data foundation designed for automated data collection, data exploration and self-service analytics, all leveraged through Google’s managed cloud data services.

Impact and Results

GOBHI reaped many benefits through the partnership with Onix while implementing these advanced solutions.

  • The new GCP solutions position GOBHI to nurture a data-driven culture, deliver greater value to its clients and communities, and begin pursuing future initiatives such as Chatbot and NLP Q&A for member organizations.
  • Costs for legacy VMs and expensive software licenses were eliminated; overall TCO was lowered.
  • GOBHI is now poised to ingest additional information into their data lake to create even greater analytics
    capabilities to support efforts such as call center data mining. Types of metrics that can now be added include “ride” (non-emergency medical transportation) data, claim and vaccination volumes, increased provider capacity opportunities — and automated payment processing based upon ride logs.

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