Large Specialty Financial Institution Leverages Onix and AWS Solutions for Major Big Data Migration and Modernization Gains

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“We provided data-driven recommendations and a step-by-step approach to address each of the customer’s challenges.”

About the Customer

This 21st century personal and small business banking institution with assets of more than 8 billion has roots in deep product and industry expertise. It prides itself on its commitments to efficiency and transparency, helping personal and small business banking customers avoid hefty financial mistakes. The institution believes that good people and innovation can effect changes in the world, so it invests human and financial capital to help to improve local communities and the lives of their people.

Customer Challenge

As with many organizations today, the customer had been struggling to identify and vet technical and business solutions so they could realize value from their data using the AWS platform. They had significant amounts of current and historical data to process and transform. In order to move with speed and agility, they needed assistance with some key efforts:

  • Ingest large amounts of historical data
  • Evaluate and select the right technologies
  • Enhance reporting capabilities
  • Fine-tune their desired solution
  • Eliminate or reduce the manual steps taken while curating their data and deploying the updates
  • Automate testing of their integration — and go live, all in just three months.

Partner Solution

Using the Onix flagship Analytics Modernization program OAM, we conducted a cloud readiness assessment to analyze the customer’s architecture, business objectives and alignment, DevOps practices and analytics capabilities. We recommended a value-added solution for the organization’s current technology design. For a solid and scalable architecture, an Onix architect and engineer — experts with cloud data transformations and building automated testing were added to the organization’s team. The customer quickly realized how greater data insights drive strategic decision-making. We then developed the reference architecture and tech-stack to build and deploy their modernized AWS data lake foundation and analytics platform on AWS. Finally, we helped implement an MVP ETL pipeline modernization process to transform their data workloads and optimize their target schema and data structures for their analytics and visualization use cases. Consistent with our recommended best practice of “guided and experience-based migration and modernization,” this transformation was deployed at scale, ensuring the platform conforms to well-architected best practices.

Impact and Results

The new model reflected a straightforward process including ingestion, aggregation, curation and data delivery — plus facile query capabilities. The AWS implementation efforts between Onix and the customer yielded several key benefits:

  • A new framework was created to promote improved and streamlined data ingestion.
  • A scalable model was developed to support existing and future reporting needs.
  • The new dashboards provided valuable insights and recommendations for actionable decision-making.
  • Internal IT resources learned about the newest available technology services, leading to quicker implementations and problem-solving, and setting some new industry best practices.

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