Onix Spearheads AWS Optimization Platform for Health Data Innovator CapsicoHealth, Inc.

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“At CapsicoHealth, Inc., we were looking for a consultant skilled in AWS architecture and internals to help us configure and set up an AWS environment and further simplify deployment of care management tools by adding AI-driven real-time analytics. Onix not only helped us achieve these goals but also helped with hard savings from their Quicksight optimization work.”

About the Customer

CapsicoHealth provides a leading, world-class risk technology platform to help providers manage episode-based payments, design bundles for value-based care — and forecast revenue. Aiming to provide proven AI-driven real-time analytics for providers and payers to simplify care models, the company believes that the last mile of episodic healthcare delivery can be vastly improved by helping providers drive optimal patient care — within cost boundaries.

Customer Challenge

CapsicoHealth was running their proprietary data applications in Google Cloud Platform. As they began developing for the AWS environment, they realized that they lacked the architecture expertise to incorporate best practices for delivery on the AWS platform. Because their analytics products were designed to be deployed easily in their customers’ preferred cloud environments, they wanted specific AWS guidance and architectural diagrams. They also sought expertise to help them incorporate Amazon Redshift and QuickSight into their solution.

Partner Solution

Onix leveraged existing CapsicoHealth proprietary and cloud-native solutions to establish a similar architecture on AWS, providing expert oversight for a secure, scalable and easily maintainable AWS architecture. After discovery, platform reviews and a cost optimization analysis with QuickSight, Onix delivered a well-architected design. An Amazon S3 Data Lake was used to consolidate data in order to provide accessibility for the CapsicoHealth applications. The required ETL included AWS Glue to catalog and integrate data with AWS analytics and ML services — Athena, RDS, SageMaker and QuickSight — along with Elastic Beanstalk to host the application. For future state goals, Onix provided the organization with the detailed architecture to expand functionality, integrating a data warehouse component utilizing Redshift and moving from Power BI to QuickSight.

Impact and Results

With the new architecture in place, CapsicoHealth could expand their business to AWS customers. The QuickSight optimization session resulted in an annual savings of $3,000. Onix provided a detailed architecture to expand functionality, integrating a data warehouse component using Redshift and QuickSight. The company plans to continue designing additional data applications and dashboards in response to their growing healthcare customer base — and to make their products available to customers in multi-cloud environments. As the needs of their customers change, CapsicoHealth wants to be ready to pivot, add new feature sets and optimize where needed.

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