MaxSold Uses Amazon RDS to Solve Online Auction Availability

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Downsizing a home, a loved one’s estate or even a business can be challenging. How do you get rid of all that stuff?

Canadian-based online auctioneer MaxSold connects sellers and buyers together virtually in Canada and the United States.

On the selling side, MaxSold facilitates all aspects of any liquidation. Workers catalog items for sale, managing all auction marketing for all listings on the website. Prospective buyers can easily view and ultimately bid on a seller’s auction items.
Since the first auction in 2010, the site has completed more than 16,000 others, fielding 168 annual page visits from users in 35 metro areas.

To make this happen, the company must maintain a reliable website at all times. Historically the company managed servers in a local data center, but made the move to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud by using multiple AWS solutions, including Amazon RDS, Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3, among others.

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