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Increasingly, companies are opting for cloud-based data storage for better flexibility and affordability. The term, data estate, refers to the grouping of all data assets and resources owned by any company. This encompasses all of the data assets stored in traditional databases, warehouses, data lakes, and other data storage systems – located on-premise or on the cloud.

Data modernization refers to the use of cloud technologies to secure and upgrade legacy data. Google Cloud’s AlloyDB Omni is one such cloud-powered technology used to modernize “legacy” or traditional data estates. It is fully postgreSQL compatible designed for both transactional and analytical use cases.

What is data estate modernization?

Data estate modernization is the process of migrating the data estate from on-premises legacy systems to the cloud platform. Why is modernization important for modern enterprises? With the exponential growth of business data, organizations need a modern scalable platform to break down data silos and provide immediate insights for driving business value. This is the reason why 70% of enterprises are migrating their ERP data to the cloud platform.

Here are some of the benefits of data estate modernization on the cloud platform:

  1. Efficient processes
    A cloud-powered data system reduces the time taken to make data accessible to business users – as compared to on-premises systems. This also reduces the organization’s technical debt, thus enabling IT teams to spend less time and resources on data maintenance and processing.
  2. Accurate insights
    Cloud-powered data systems are integrated with data analytics tools and technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. This enables organizational teams to obtain real-time data insights from their daily operations, thus boosting their decision-making skills.
  3. Lower costs
    Cloud-powered platforms are always more cost-effective than on-premises systems. Additionally, they are more scalable and easily adaptable to business needs. Despite having an upfront cost, data estate modernization ensures smarter business decisions that accelerate the return on investment (ROI).
  4. Efficient analytics
    With efficient data modernization, organizations have access to high-quality data, which is the crucial ingredient for effective analytics. By migrating their valuable data to the cloud, organizations can now leverage the benefits of data analytics all across their operations.

Modernizing data estates with AlloyDB Omni

Launched by Google Cloud, AlloyDB Omni is a downloadable version of the popular AlloyDB for PostgreSQL users. As part of the data modernization process, this cloud-powered tool enables enterprises to modernize their legacy databases.

Built on the efficient AlloyDB engine, AlloyDB Omni can be downloaded and executed on a variety of premises – including cloud platforms, laptops, and on-premises environments. What’s more, AlloyDB Omni is 2x faster than PostgreSQL for transactional workloads and can handle analytical queries 100x faster than the PostgreSQL database system. All these features are available at a fraction of the cost of traditional databases.

How does AlloyDB Omni help enterprises in their modernization process? Most of the database migration and modernization processes are complex and costly – particularly when moving workloads to the cloud. Matt Aslett of Ventana Research points out, “AlloyDB Omni provides a pathway for organizations to modernize those workloads in place by migrating to AlloyDB Omni on-premises.”

According to Bradley Shimmin of Omdia, AlloyDB Omni combines the best of Google Cloud and PostgreSQL. This makes it more useful than rival products like AWS Aurora and MS CitiusDB. Shimmin adds that AlloyDB Omni is more suited for customers looking to modernize and transform large-scale databases. In this scenario, he says, “Sticking with an open-source solution like PostgreSQL can be limiting in terms of providing modern data architectures or features.”

Going forward, AlloyDB Omni has tremendous future potential in capturing the market share of the legacy database modernization market. According to the latest market statistics, PostgreSQL has grown to be the 4th most popular database system. With its support for PostgreSQL drivers and applications, AlloyDB Omni is positioned to leverage its capabilities for data modernization and migration efforts.

Modernizing data estates with Onix

Onix offers a professional approach for organizations looking to migrate their database workloads to the cloud. Our approach is designed for migrating data from on-premises database systems like MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL to a cloud-powered database solution.

By partnering with Onix, you are assured of working with the most trusted Google Cloud partner. You can trust Onix for you modernization efforts as we’re:

  • Pioneers in cloud computing for over 30 years
  • Google partner for over 20 years
  • 13x Google Partner of the Year award

Our Google Cloud Services expertise is spread across specializations including:

  • Data Analytics
  • Application development
  • Location-based services
  • Infrastructure

If you are looking to kick-start your database modernization journey with Google AlloyDB Omni, it’s time to contact us.

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