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From its inception, Google Workspace was designed to enhance collaboration among people and teams. With the introduction of Gemini, Google is now powering team collaboration using AI technology. In August 2023, Google announced the roll-out of its Gemini assistant for its Workspace applications – including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Slides, and more.

By leveraging the power of Generative AI, Gemini for Google Workspace enables its users to write, organize, and visualize their work. By powering it with AI capabilities, Google Workspace is now more creative and powerful. 

Here’s a deeper dive into the powerful capabilities of Gemini for Google Workspace. 

1. Write

With this Gemini capability, Gmail users can now draft a professional email on their mobile phone – while on the move.

Similarly, with contextual assistance, users can now save writing time with a contextual response that automatically fills in the mail recipient’s name and other information wherever appropriate.

Besides Gmail, Gemini also helps you write on Google Docs. Here’s a demo of a sales proposal using Google Docs.

2. Visualize

Adding interesting visuals to a presentation slide is a laborious and time-consuming affair – even for experienced presenters. This is no more the case using Gemini in Google Slides.

With a few words, users can now easily generate visual images and add them to their Google Slides presentation. All they need to do is enter a simple text prompt – and Google Slides does the rest of the visualizing work.

What’s more? They can add visuals in a variety of styles including – photographs, illustrations, clipart images, or background images. Here’s a short demo of this capability.


By using Gemini, Google Sheets can now organize and surface available data faster than before. For example, with automated data classification, Google Sheets can understand cell data with more context – and automatically add a label. This reduces time spent on manual data entry. 

The “help me organize” capability in Google Sheets enables this tool to automatically create customized plans for action items, projects, and assigned tasks. Here’s a short demo of the agenda for a one-day executive briefing event.


Gemini technology is also integrated into collaboration tools like Google Meet. Here are the innovative AI-powered capabilities now available in Google Meet:

  • Taking real-time notes from a business meeting.
  • Capturing and showing a mid-meeting summary – whenever you are late for an online meeting.
  • Attending an online meeting on your behalf.
  • Generating an artificial background for the meeting using a range of background images.

Gemini for Google Workspace Workshop by Onix

Onix conducts the “Gemini for Google Workspace” workshop for participants to gain a complete understanding of this innovative product. By attending this workshop, you can learn:

  • How Gemini in Google Workspace can boost the customer experience
  • To use industry-specific personas to enhance work-related productivity.
  • To improve business processes by automating complex tasks, identifying valuable business insights, and brainstorming new ideas.

Who can benefit the most by attending this Onix workshop?

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs looking to leverage Gemini technology for their business operations and strategies.
  • Technology professionals looking to upgrade their technical skills – and stay well-versed with the latest trends in AI technology.
  • Creative professionals looking to understand the capabilities of Gemini for Google Workspace.

Here is the complete agenda for this initial Onix workshop:

1. Implementation

  • Overview of Gemini for Google Workspace
  • Implementation guide for Gemini for Workspace
  • Strategies for data security, privacy, and integration
  • Hands-on session to create an implementation plan.

2. Personas

  • Overview of industry-specific personas
  • Q&A session to address persona-related inquiries

3. Ideation

  • Group-based breakout session
  • Identifying persona and related business challenges using Gemini.
  • Brainstorming and ideation exercises on how to create personas.
  • Discussing project ideas from participants – along with feedback session.

4. Proof-of-Concept (POC) finalization

  • Finalizing the POC based on generated ideas during the workshop.
  • Guidance and feedback based on POC feasibility and alignment with Gemini capabilities.
  • Feedback on the finalized POC.

You can get a free hands-on experience on Gemini for Google Workspace with its 30-day free trial. During the trial period, customers will receive a series of instructional webinars on Gemini from the Onix team – that focus on relevant use cases. Post the 30-day trial period, you can choose to convert into a paid customer so that Onix can help you implement Gemini for Google Workspace in your organization.

Interested in knowing more about the Gemini for Workspace offering from Onix? Get in touch with our experts at sales@oxinet.com – or request a customized Gemini workshop for your team.

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