Security & governance


Security- first approach to cloud

Onix puts security first in everything we do, from designing your cloud architecture to improving how your employees collaborate in today’s hybrid world. We know how critical security is to maintaining your reputation, your organization’s profitability, and your customers’ trust.


Onix relies on decades of experience to provide end-to-end cloud network security consulting services to assist with digital transformation, security modernization, and the design and implementation of zero trust security models to help organizations protect their data, users, and applications.


No matter where you are on your cloud journey, Onix can support your security and governance best practices to keep your organization secure and compliant.


Why Onix?

We are niche consultants who solve business problems using the capabilities of the cloud by providing best practices to address our customers’ pain points.

We take action and keep our word to meet our customer commitments to build confidence.
The quality of our work and the ability to adapt quickly with best practice approaches that scale and solve specific security problems.
Our size and depth of expertise allows us to move fast and provide turnkey delivery of our services.
Security and governance framework
Our end-to-end approach to securely and efficiently manage and operate your cloud environment without impacting business agility or innovation.

Onix security solutions

Rapid risk

Quickly understand your cloud security posture

Comprehensive risk assessment

Deep dive analysis of cloud and Google Workspace risks

Cloud security foundations

Package of recommended cloud services to securely transform your organization


Rapid risk assessment

A Rapid Risk Assessment is the first step in getting started. Whether you’re experiencing security gaps now or you don’t know where your gaps are, a Rapid Risk Assessment is a quick way to pinpoint your security risks and priorities. Raising your security awareness allows you to start focusing on the root cause and make decisions about next steps for cloud network security in your organization. 


The outcome of our assessment is an executive summary with high-level remediation recommendations that address our findings.

Comprehensive risk assessment

A Comprehensive Risk Assessment provides a holistic view of risks and helps you make informed decisions about which technology controls and business processes need attention based on their risk priority. The assessment results will guide and determine the actions that management needs to take to remediate and protect against one-time and recurring security issues and risks.

Cloud security foundations

Cloud Security Foundations provides architecture, management, and compliance guidance for securely designing, deploying, and operating workloads in the cloud. This offering saves time and improves reliability by standardizing and automating the setup of core infrastructure and resources. It also helps the business accelerate cloud adoption, migration, and innovation to solve the top business and technology objectives in a short period of time.

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