Recipe for Human-centered Intranet: AI, Personalized, Seamlessly Integrated with Google Cloud solutions

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Are you looking to get the most out of your Google Cloud investments?
LumApps is the only intranet recommended by Google that leverages Google Vertex, Google Workspace, and many Google Cloud technologies. As native as Google Sites, but packaged as an intranet solution, come check out the Gartner and Forrester leading intranet solution.


Intranets must adopt a human-centric approach to enable desk and deskless employees to understand their company’s goals, act on their work, and grow with the organization. Leveraging AI technology, personalization, and seamless integration with the digital workplace, modern intranets centralize communications and tools for the workforce, helping each individual get work done while driving engagement, productivity, and retention.


In this session, you’ll discover how to roll out an intranet that is seamlessly integrated with Google Workspace and transforms fragmented communication into a cohesive, impactful narrative that:

  • Drives engagements
  • Fosters collaboration
  • And amplifies organizational productivity


Join us on August 29th at 11:00 AM ET for this session hosted by Lisa Capra, product marketing manager at LumApps, and George Shihadeh, National Sales Director – Workplace Collaboration at Onix, for an insightful discussion on LumApps and Google solutions.

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George Shihadeh

National Sales Director, Onix

Lisa Capra

Product Marketing Manager, LumApps