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Intranets have come a long way. They’re no longer clunky and tricky to navigate. Today, intranets are interactive, searchable, easy to use. And... they’re social.

Designed to connect workers and keep them informed, modern intranets also help employees communicate with each other in a relaxed forum that has a familiar social-media vibe.

Award-winning LumApps creates a holistic workspace that keeps employees in the loop through blog posts, message boards, file downloads and more.

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Key Features


Frequent and effective news communication is key to inform and align employees.

HR Portal

Efficient HR communication is crucial to create a strong corporate culture and increase employee engagement.

Productivity Space

Quick employee access to daily apps in one click.

Team Communities

Collaboration space allows teams to easily capture and share knowledge across locations.

Employee Directory

Connectivity across teams and locations is key to share knowledge and achieve smarter collaboration.

Job Board

Display an internal job board to increase internal mobility, source talents globally and speed up hiring.

Recommended for G Suite

Built on Google Cloud Platform

LumApps is built on Google Cloud Platform to meet the highest standards of cloud security and compliance, including GDPR. It offers comprehensive, advanced G Suite integration for better collaboration, communication and employee engagement from a single information source.

Out of 1,000+ apps in G Suite Marketplace, LumApps is the only intranet recommended by Google.


Google Cloud Platform

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