Pelican: A Smarter Way to Validate Data

Powered by Onix & Datametica

Is your data a chaotic mess or a crystal-clear treasure trove? If you’re struggling with messy datasets, inaccurate records, or unreliable analytics, then this webinar is for you.You’ll learn how our AI-powered validation tool can streamline your cloud migration and modernization process. We’ll also share successful case studies highlighting how customers have leveraged the power of Pelican to overcome real-world challenges.

What We’ll Cover:

  • Data validation objectives
  • Data validation lifecycle and strategy
  • AI-powered automated data validation
  • Features of the Pelican validation tool
  • Real-world case studies of successful data validation using Pelican
  • Q&A session with industry experts


Deepak Badhani

Cofounder and GTM Head of Datametica

Rohit Kolhekar

Product Manager of Pelican

Dhiraj Kumar

Associate Director, Architecture & Solutions