Benchmarking the Performance and Scalability of the Google Cloud Healthcare API

Designing an Experiment with 50M Synthetic Patient Records / 26B FHIR Resources

Leverage Our Learnings to Get Started Quickly With the Google Cloud Healthcare API

The Google Cloud Healthcare API— which utilizes FHIR, HL7v2 and DICOM data formats — enables secure and compliant data exchange between disparate health IT systems and the cloud. Health and life science organizations can then seamlessly use that data in analytics, machine learning, AI tools and customer applications on Google Cloud.

In our upcoming whitepaper on designing and executing an experiment to benchmark the Google Cloud Healthcare API, we will explore how developers can:

  • Find realistic patient data in FHIR format for testing healthcare applications
  • Store API calls and related data for visualizing and reporting (as part of designing an effective experiment)
  • Determine measurement points for running pre-defined FHIR API operations
  • Scale and benchmark healthcare applications in the cloud

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